"Greatness at that position is what you do in postseason"- Christopher Russo has doubts over Lamar Jackson due to his record in the playoffs 

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams
Lamar Jackson after Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams.

Lamar Jackson has started the season in great form and he has become an early front-runner for the MVP award this season. The Baltimore Ravens are currently 2-1, and Jackson has been prolific at both throwing and running the football. He has thrown for 749 yards and 10 touchdowns, adding another 243 yards and two touchdowns on the ground.

Jackson is in his contract year, and after negotiations failed in the offseason, he decided to bet on himself. So far, it looks like the Ravens will be required to offer a lot more to their quarterback than they initially hoped. However, there are some who still have doubts about Jackson. One of them is Christopher Russo. He believes that Jackson still hasn't performed well in the playoffs, and that is a major concern. Here's what Russo said about Lamar Jackson on First Take this morning:

"He's playing great, he's been awesome… but tough argument He's played four playoff games, greatness at that position is what you do in postseason play. Greatness in the position in this position, it's like centers in basketball, greatness in this position is postseason wins."

Russo continued:

"And at the end of the day, hopefully some Super Bowl trophies for the most productive and good teams. He's played four playoff games they have yet to score 20, they lost the home playoff game. He was the MVP of the league. And they were 14-2, and he played against Tennessee at home and he was awful. Two years ago he played in Buffalo lost 17-3, scored three points. He is 1-3 in a postseason."

He concluded by saying:

"His quarterback rating in the postseason is not great. I understand, it's a tough argument to make, MVP favorite, but again, he you guys like to kill me on this. He has the same amount of wins in the postseason as guess who? Kirk Cousins."


Lamar Jackson has had his fair share of struggles in the playoffs, but he has continued to improve on hs game. Before getting injured last season, he was playing at MVP caliber, and this season he might go on to win the MVP as well.

If the Ravens are healthy, they have a roster that is capable of winning the Super Bowl. Jackson will certainly hope to prove his doubters wrong in the playoffs this season.

It's strange all of sudden Lamar Jackson getting paid is tied to "playoff wins" when..Watson- 1 playoff winMurray- no playoff winsCousins- 1 playoff win in 10 seasons. Carr: no playoff winsStafford: 0 playoff wins in 12 years until tradePrescott- 1 playoff win.Hmmm....

Lamar Jackson will face a tough test in Week 4 against the Buffalo Bills

Lamar Jackson - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots
Lamar Jackson - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots

If the Ravens want to put the world on notice, defeating early Super Bowl favorites the Buffalo Bills is a good place to start. Both teams are currently 2-1, having lost to the same opponent, the Miami Dolphins. Lamar Jackson will go against Josh Allen, and both quarterbacks have been excellent this season.

Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson are the only two players with 80 Pass TD and 20 Rush TD since 2018 🤯

Both these teams could well meet each other in the playoffs this season and this will be something of a litmus test for them. With plenty at stake and even more to prove, keep an eye out for this Week 4 matchup.

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