"I’m not retracting my statement at all" - Davante Adams stands by his comment comparing Raiders QB Derek Carr to future NFL Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers

Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers celebrate scoring a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns
Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers celebrate scoring a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns

Davante Adams made headlines earlier in the offseason following his unexpected trade to the Las Vegas Raiders. The 2021 All-Pro left the Green Bay Packers to reunite with his college quarterback Derek Carr.

Moving on from Aaron Rodgers, many analysts and fans expect a decline in Adams' production for 2022. But the wide receiver didn't seem to be worried at all.


Instead, he compared both quarterbacks going as far to claim Carr to be a future Pro Football Hall of Famer while talking to CBS Sports:

"Any time you change QBs from a Hall of Famer to a Hall of Famer, it’s going to be a little bit of an adjustment."

The comments raised a lot of eyebrows. While there is no doubt that his former quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a future NFL Hall of Famer, whether or not Carr belongs to the same category is a different story altogether. Facing some backlash, Adams, while addressing the media, delved a bit deeper into his statement:

"What I'm not going to do is take away from that statement because, why is Derek not a Hall of Famer? What I meant, I left one key word out of there because that's not exactly what I meant. But I do think that Derek's career is Hall of Fame-worthy, and why not? Does he have the MVPs right now? No. Has he won a Super Bowl? Not yet. That's obviously what we're chasing."

Adams clearly feels that Carr could very well go on to be inducted into the illustrious Pro Football Hall of Fame. But he did clarify on his previous statement:

"What I meant to say was, 'Even if you go Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer, it's an adjustment.' I wasn't saying, 'Hall of Famer Aaron to Hall of Famer Derek.' So, I'm not retracting my statement at all."

Davante Adams and Raiders will have a mountain to climb in AFC West

Davante Adams has made it clear that he aims to help Carr mount an MVP charge and also win some Super Bowls along the way with the Las Vegas Raiders. But all that is easier said than done given the uber-competitive nature of the AFC West.

The franchise barely squeezed through to the playoffs last time around, but may find it harder than ever to make it to the postseason due to recent moves made by their competitors.


The LA Chargers are on the rise with Justin Herbert and Joey Bosa in their ranks. Add former NFL defensive player Khalil Mack to the equation they are a force to reckon with. The Broncos as well have upgraded by trading for Russell Wilson. And of course, there's Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs to deal with as well.

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