"Tom Brady is my b**ch" - Eagles star disrespects TB12 in brutal fashion while handing out autographs to fans

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots

Not many players routinely get the better of Tom Brady. However, most would consider former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles as a potential candidate. He did beat Brady in the Super Bowl in February 2018, but even so, this is a stretch.

Brady has beaten every team in the NFL and there aren't any franchises that he's particularly struggled with. There aren't many players who have gotten the better of him, whether on offense or defense. Brady has been intercepted three times by three defensive backs, though that can hardly be considered getting the better of him.

Interestingly, Eagles defensive lineman Brandon Graham seems to believe that he has. He was seen signing autographs for fans with some choice words for the future Hall of Famer. See the tweet below:

brandon graham is too real for this LMFAOOOO

Graham did get the better of the quarterback at least once in a crucial moment. In that Super Bowl victory for Philadelphia, Graham made arguably the play of the game.

Brandon Graham's farewell to Tom Brady 😂#Eagles

With the Patriots trailing by eight with just over a minute to go, many assumed Tom Brady would lead his team on a game-winning drive. Graham had other plans, though. He sacked Brady, forcing him to fumble and turn the ball over. That marked the end of the game, as the offense could kneel-out the clock.


Obviously, even four years later, Graham hasn't forgotten and isn't shy about reminding people what he did.

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How much improved are the Philadelphia Eagles?

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles
Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles

Last year, the Eagles just snuck into the playoffs in the final Wild Card slot. They lost 15−31 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Naturally, one would expect them to continue that upward growth, especially with a second-year quarterback and head coach. They made some key offseason moves, including trading for wide receiver A.J. Brown.

Is it enough to supplant the Dallas Cowboys, though? Based on many betting odds, they are. Right now, they're the slight favorites, with odds of +143 on average while the Cowboys are an average of +146.


That's a negligible difference, but after finishing three games behind a team that didn't get much worse, that's a big step up. It figures to be a close divisional race, though. The New York Giants and the Washington Commanders are not expected to compete for the division in the new season. However, anything can happen in division matches and Philadelphia will have to play a good, clean game if they are to come out on top.

With the season kicking off in a few days, we will see if the Eagles can win the NFC East in the upcoming campaign.

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