Erin Andrews reveals what NFL players' partners think about Travis Kelce dating Taylor Swift

Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews' thoughts on the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift relationship

Erin Andrews claims to know what every other NFL WAG thinks of the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift relationship.

Fox's veteran sideline reporter discussed the topic on the latest episode of her "Calm Down" podcast with Charissa Thompson.

“Somebody asked in front of me what the gals on their team thought, and they were like, ‘Love it, adorable’ — and they were like, ‘You know why? Because that’s a man, and she’s with him,'” Andrews said.

Narrowing it down further, she relayed what one WAG said:

"For the first time publicly it seems like she’s with a guy that’s not like ‘Oh yeah, I’m with Taylor, don’t take my picture. I’m at the concert."

Julia Roberts reveals indifference to Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift relationship

When talking about the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift relationship, there are expected to be two sides: the supporters who think it gives the NFL much-needed national attention, and the detractors who think it distracts from the actual on-field play.

Actress Julia Roberts, however, does not think too much of it. Speaking to "Extra TV" during the premiere of "Leave the World Behind," she said that while she was a fan of the pop star, football, and the Kansas City Chiefs, she was largely indifferent to the "love story":

“I think let’s just let them be the Kansas City Chiefs.”


Body language expert discusses Taylor Swift's changing gestures as Travis Kelce relationship deepens

While there have been various reactions towards the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift relationship, one expert has decided to take it one step further and analyze how the latter has been acting ever since the former started dating her.

Judi James recently sat down with "The Mirror" to discuss the pop star's behavior since news of her and the tight end dating became public. It was here that she revealed a "seismic shift", as she called it.

According to James, back when the relationship was in its nascency, Swift would act like the typical energetic WAG:

"She jumped, yelled and celebrated harder than any other person up there in the stands; and she looked casually chic and young, like a teenager with a crush.‌"

But by the time of the Chiefs' Sunday night loss at the Green Bay Packers, she was finally cognizant of the attention the relationship had attained, leading her to be more subdued and mature in her appearance.

"The tousled WAG hair is gone, and instead her hair is pinned back into a sleek, sophisticated bun," James said. Her red coat is still worn slouched off her shoulders, but instead of a casual look, it is worn more like a stole. And Taylor looks dressed for a night at the theatre rather than a Chiefs game."

Such self-awareness also manifested even during her usual WAG routines.

"Her more serious and thoughtful-looking body language in between the yelling did seem to reflect that sense of change,” James said.

The couple's Christmas plans are still unknown, especially with the Chiefs hosting the Las Vegas Raiders on that day.

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