ESPN's Pat McAfee broadcast goes blank as Aaron Rodgers takes another shot at vaccinations

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McAfee's broadcast hit some turbulence.

Pat McAfee and Aaron Rodgers continue to deliver on their weekly segment of "Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays", but something happened during today's show that was odd, shall we say.

Rodgers revealed that he recently attended a Halloween party, and this is where things got interesting.

McAfee's is now being broadcasted on ESPN, which makes what happened a little interesting, but some have debunked what happened on his show today.

Did ESPN cut McAfee's show off during Rodgers' segment?

During the show, McAfee and Rodgers talked about Halloween parties, and the New York Jets star revealed that he wore a spike protein costume, which is part of the COVID-19 virus, to the Halloween party he attended.

We know Aaron Rodgers' stance on the virus and the vaccines, and what happened on the broadcast was rather odd. As Rodgers was talking about it, the show's feed cut off. Watch below.

Once this happened, speculation ran rife, as many thought that ESPN shut off the McAfee Show everywhere, but others later revealed that it was only one stream that, in fact, stopped working.

Nonetheless, it was certainly odd timing because, just as Rodgers was beginning to talk about COVID, the stream stopped.

Aaron Rodgers' Achilles recovery going well

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets

After Rodgers tore his Achilles just four snaps into his New York Jets career, the initial thought was he would be out for the entire season. However, following surgery, Rodgers looks like he has been defying the odds.

He was seen on the sidelines a few weeks ago throwing a football but not moving around much. But that changed when we saw Rodgers pre-game before the Jets game against the New York Giants.

Rodgers was seen throwing the football with some velocity, but more importantly, he was moving around a lot more than he previously was.

Take a look below.

Now, does this mean that he could come back this season as his recovery is going well? No, it doesn't.

But it does give fans cause to think that it might just be possible. Of course, the Jets aren't going to risk him this season if there is no chance of making a serious run.

Currently, at 4-4, the Jets' season is still alive, and many are still holding on to hope that Rodgers could return this season. It seems like a long shot right now, but this is the NFL and it is Rodgers, so never say never.

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