"F*** Joe Biden" chant erupts during NFL game days after being echoed across college football stadiums

Joe Biden at Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
Joe Biden at Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots

Joe Biden cannot get a respite these days. Whether he is in the White House or in the halls of Congress to get a deal or flying abroad representing the USA, Joe Biden seems to be facing music everywhere.

Adding to the tune is a chant that became popular in college football but has since migrated to the NFL. The explicit chant "F*** Joe Biden" is finding more acceptance across the NFL.

"F*** Joe Biden" chant broke out in numerous college football games

Being the President of the United States is a thankless task. You have the weight of the world on your shoulders and you can never satisfy everyone. Some never wanted you in the first place, and then others are losing faith in you. Joe Biden finds himself at such a crossroads.

The explicit chant first came to prominence in college football games. It began in the first Coastal Carolina game of the year and continued from there. The chant was then heard when the Alabama State Hornets took on the Auburn Tigers and again at Ole Miss.

The chant may have been excused as coming from college towns in southern states that are generally more conservative and are unlikely to support a President who belongs to the Democratic Party as Joe Biden does. But when the chants turned up in New York, Joe Biden knew he had a problem.

"F*** Joe Biden" chant migrates to the NFL

Over the last month or so, the chant has been heard numerous times, especially at the MetLife stadium during New York Jets games.

It was heard most recently when the New York Jets took on the New England Patriots last week. Such reports are especially damning for Joe Biden because the New England and New York areas lean heavily towards the Democratic Party.

Such chants have also been heard at other New York games in other sports, most prominent when the New York Mets took on the New York Yankees. Rival fans united in criticizing the incumbent president.

Joe Biden must hope that these are aberrations from a tiny minority rather than the prevailing feeling among the masses.

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