Fans brutally roast Tyreek Hill as Madden 24 upgrades Dolphins WR to 99 club: "40 yards tonight makes you a 99 overall?"

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
Fans brutally roast Tyreek Hill as Madden 24 upgrades Dolphins WR to 99 club

All eyes, including Madden 24's 99 Club spotters, were on Tyreek Hill coming into Miami Dolphins' game against the New England Patriots tonight.

That was to be expected after a career performance in the opening game of the season, when he ran for 215 yards and two touchdowns against the Los Angeles Chargers.

And it seems like the Patriots were aware of the damage he could do. They consistently loaded their secondary and kept the Miami wide receiver at bay. He only had five receptions out of nine targets and amassed a measly 40 yards.

His comedown after the big performance last week saw him being roasted on social media. The responses were particularly tied into the fact that Madden saw it fit to elevate him to the 99 Club after the match.

Tyreek Hill gets slated by fans after performance against Patriots

Tyreek Hill was lambasted by fans for his performance tonight against the New England Patriots. Some trolled Madden 24 for upgrading the Dolphins wide receiver to become the first player of the 99 Club from the franchise.

Others asked where that put Patriots cornerback Christian Gonzalez, who shut down the Hill today. Here are some of the best responses on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Miami Dolphins get other use from their Madden 24 99 Club player

However, judging Madden 24 or Tyreek Hill based on yardage alone shows fans are overworking with the stats and not paying enough attention to what happens in the field.

The Miami Dolphins wide receiver's game intelligence was on full display. He scored a touchdown after a 10-second runoff had bled time at the end of the first half during the two-minute warning. His positional awareness ensured that Miami converted on first-and-goal with no timeouts remaining and took a two score lead into half-time.

Furthermore, a fuller reading of the statistics shows us how Tyreek Hill influenced the game. The Patriots were so wary of getting flamed by him that they dropped their secondary deep to counter that threat. That allowed the Dolphins much more joy in the running game.

Compare Raheem Mostert's performance this week against last week against the Los Angeles Chargers, for example. In the previous game, the running back one touchdown with 3.7 yards per carry for a total of 37 rushing yards. Today, he scored two touchdowns and rushed for 121 yards averaging 6.7 yards per rushing attempt.

Tyreek Hill opened up the field today for others to succeed. For that alone, Madden 24 should be commended on putting him in the 99 Club.

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