Hard Knocks: Pat McAfee declares Aaron Rodgers' Jets as "Super Bowl" winners

Hard Knocks: Pat McAfee declares Aaron Rodgers
Hard Knocks: Pat McAfee declares Aaron Rodgers' Jets as "Super Bowl" winners

Pat McAfee saw the season premier of Hard Knocks and declared that Aaron Rodgers and the Jets will win the Super Bowl. Now, while that may be undoubtedly true, the effect the opening episode of behind-the-scenes access showed just how much the Jets believe in themselves.

Aaron Rodgers was smooth as always and there was a belief in the team and they knew they were not the same Jets of years gone by. They knew they had a target on their backs with all the hype surrounding the team, but they seemed more than up to it. Now, of course, only the season will tell if they can walk the talk.

However, Pat McAfee was not worrying about anything like that. He proceeded to crown the Jets Super Bowl champions before a single down of football has been played. He always has been a big backer of Aaron Rodgers and he could not help himself as he said,

"Watching Hard Knocks… The Jets are gonna win the Super Bowl"

For Pat McAfee's prediction to come true, Aaron Rodgers and Jets need to overcome Hard Knocks Super Bowl curse

If what Pat McAfee says is to become true, then Aaron Rodgers and the Jets would have to go against history. The Hard Knocks series have featured 18 teams and none of them have made it to the Super Bowl so far, never mind winning it.

However, it is not all bad news. Seven of the 18 teams have made it to the playoffs after appearing on Hard Knocks, including the 2020 Los Angeles Rams and the 2021 Dallas Cowboys. Given how long it has been for the Jets since they made it to the postseason, one suspects they will take that for the moment.

Even more importantly, Aaron Rodgers has signed for two years with the New York Jets and would like to win the Lombardi Trophy once again. While the 2020 Rams did not win the Super Bowl, they did go on to win in the 2021 season, defeating the Cincinnati Bengals in the championship game.

Therefore, if the Jets can use this season to just build some forward progress and then come back again next year, one assumes most fans will be happy with that. Even Pat McAfee might accept such an outcome if it means his friend eventually winning a second ring before he retires. And who can blame him, given his beloved Indianapolis Colts do not seem any likely to bring hom the bacon soon!

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