"I'm just an innocent bystander": Travis Kelce reacts to being booed at NBA Playoffs game with Patrick Mahomes

NBA: Playoffs-Minnesota Timberwolves at Dallas Mavericks
Travis Kelce reacts to being booed at NBA Playoffs game with Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs superstars Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes attended an NBA playoffs game and were booed.

Kelce and Mahomes, alongside new teammate Marquise 'Hollywood' Brown, attended Game 3 of the Minnesota Timberwolves vs Dallas Mavericks series on Sunday.

During the game, Dallas native Mahomes got a pleasant reaction from the crowd, but when the jumbotron showed Kelce, the crowd booed him heavily.

"I got booed twice, it's... whatever. I get it, I'm not from Dallas, I'm just an innocent bystander," Kelce said on New Heights, via DailyMail. "Maybe they just don't like the Chiefs."

Kelce said he didn't even realize he was on the jumbotron until Mahomes told him and by the time he noticed, the crowd was already booing him.

"They showed me and I got caught off-guard because I was trying to take a selfie with some people around me," Kelce said. "And then Pat like taps me, and I'm like, 'Oh s*** I'm on the jumbotron,' and then I heard all the boos and I'm like, 'Oh s*** I'm getting booed. Nice, thanks, nice to see you guys.' And then they showed Pat and everyone is like 'yay.'"

Kelce obviously isn't well-liked in Dallas, despite the Chiefs not being rivals with the Cowboys. But the tight end was surprised he got booed as all he did was attend an NBA game with Mahomes in his home state.

Travis Kelce inks extension with Chiefs

In the offseason, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce signed a two-year contract extension that made him the highest-paid tight end in the league. The deal is worth $34.25 million.

"Hard to put in words what Travis means to this organization, this city, and he was certainly a priority to adjust his contract for us and it was something that was important for Clark [Hunt]. So very fitting that Travis [is] now the highest-paid tight end in these two years," general manager Brett Veach said, via ESPN.

Kelce has been a member of the Chiefs since being drafted by the team in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Travis Kelce has won three Super Bowls with the team and is a focal point of Kansas City's offense. Last season, Kelce recorded 93 receptions for 984 yards and five touchdowns, as it was the first season he didn't have 1000+ yards in seven years.

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