“I’m suspicious” - NFL analyst has low hopes for Colin Kaepernick signing despite workout

Kaepernick's workout has not yet produced a contract
Kaepernick's workout has not yet produced a contract

Colin Kaepernick worked out with the Las Vegas Raiders this week and has been the big focus of the NFL media since.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback has two NFC championship game appearances and a Super Bowl appearance on his short NFL resume. But he has had trouble getting his career back on track after protesting social injustices by kneeling during the USA National Anthem.


Marcellus Wiley was involved in a spirited debate over Kaepernick’s chances of getting signed to the Raiders roster on Speak for Yourself.

“Ah, okay, I got to get through this wall of suspicion, in part because of experience. I've played in the NFL for decades, I get it. And also, once I get through that wall of suspicion, just got to analyze it properly without bias. And my bias is I'm suspicious."

Wiley wondered aloud why the signing hasn't happened yet.

"Here's the thing. I don't think he's gonna play. He already had a workout, finished the workout. And now you're hearing reports about saying workout, but we're not hearing about the signing from that same workout. I'm here to tell people. Now I never had one of these workouts. I only witnessed them, you talk about your experiences and actually going through those workouts."

He continued by asking: what's stopping the Raiders from moving forward?

"So I defer to you and respect that. But I do know one thing about life. The truth is simple. Lies are complex. When it takes time, when you got to hear reports, only went well. Oh, it was amazing. Oh, I think there's an opportunity we keep hearing that. To me, that's not the truth. The truth would have been Colin Kaepernick is on this roster. What's stopping him? Nick Mullens? What's stopping him backups? What's stopping him?"

Derek Carr is the the clear starter, but needs a backup, according to the same analyst.

"Derek Carr is not going anywhere solidified, what's stopping him. They lost Marcus Mariota, they could put the same type of packaging for Colin Kaepernick. What's stopping it? I tell you what's stopping it? Maybe this was just a kick in the tires. Oh, let's just see what Kaepernick is doing with no real intention to sign him.”
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Colin Kaepernick would no doubt be happy in a backup role

With Colin Kaepernick still unsigned, it still seems that none of the 32 teams are bold enough to give him the second chance he so desperately desires. Still, even a backup role would serve as a chance to get his foot in the door and hopefully, move on to bigger things.

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