Jason Kelce retires: Eagles fans in full-blown panic mode over franchise icon's announcement

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Jason Kelce retires: Eagles fans in full-blown panic mode over franchise icon's announcement

Jason Kelce is rumored to be retiring soon. In fact, reports following his last game of the playoffs said that he had told players and coaches that he was going to call it a career. Later, the center said that he hadn't yet come to a decision.

However, many believe that he's going to hang up his cleats after all. One tweet that was shared by Kelce not too long ago has convinced them of this fact.

Kelce solemnly tweeted:

"No Keg videos this year, I have come to a decision and will address it at a press conference this afternoon."

Kelce, one of the best centers in NFL history, is 36. His contract also expired. If there's a time to cleanly retire, it's now. With the announcement of a press conference, which is usually reserved for massive news, there's a chance that he could announce his retirement.

Jason Kelce retires: Eagles fans react to franchise icon's announcement

That's the idea Philadelphia Eagles fans have come to grips with. Their franchise icon might be calling it a career, but they're not sure how to feel about that.

No one truly knows, but most fans believe this is it for the longtime center and potential Hall of Famer. Kelce has a wife and three kids he can go spend time with once he's done, regardless of whether that time is now.

What's next for Jason Kelce?

Jason Kelce might be calling it a career
Jason Kelce might be calling it a career

Reports surfaced right after the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that Jason Kelce would be retiring. Most athletes prefer to say it themselves, but the reports get out.

That's what happened with Tom Brady. Reporters said that he was retiring, and he did. Then he decided that he wanted to go out on his own terms and came back for one more year. He called it with a video of his own before any reporter could say as much.

Attention will now turn towards Kelce's next steps. The Kelce brothers skipped the usual Wednesday morning episode of their New Heights podcast, presumably to bide some time for the big announcement. While those episodes will resume this week onwards, there has also been some noise around Kelce potentially stepping into the broadcasting booth, considering the personality he is.

Notably, Tom Brady bagged a $375 million deal with FOX starting in 2024. If Kelce were to be enticed into this line of work, one would assume he would be looking at a similar payday.

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