"It’s a lot of brothers still not getting fair opportunity" - Former All-Pro punter believes racism is why he hasn't got a job in the NFL in three years

Oakland Raiders v Washington Redskins
Oakland Raiders v Washington Redskins
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Over the years in the NFL, coaches and quarterbacks have occasionally blamed racism over their lack of job prospects. However, one player is bringing the conversation to the punting position.

Former Raiders punter Marquette King took to Twitter to sound off about his frustrations with his job search.

In a series of tweets, the punter rejected labeling himself 'retired'. He claimed he was still looking for work, but hasn't had any opportunities due to racism. Here's how he put it in writing:

“Not calling it a career just settling with the fact that I haven’t been able to get another fair opportunity. I haven’t officially retired I’m just not fighting to get in a league that ignores the resume I’ve created that’s better that over half of the punters in the NFL.”
Not calling it a career just settling with the fact that I haven’t been able to get another fair opportunity.…

He also claimed that he was "cut with a successful resume."

“I tried but it’s a lot of brothers still not getting fair opportunity as well in the League as punters n kickers. Some of the ones that got a shot in preseason would hit me, but me, but what could I say? I was cut with a successful resume."

He also listed some stats in an effort to prove that his struggle is not unique to him.

“It’s only been 6 African American punters 2 play in the NFL since 1920 n earn at least 1 credited season. Over the last 3 seasons I havent been able to get a job but still have a top 5 punting average."
@kirkboeger Don’t wish me well when you’re judging me based off a story u don’t kno anything about. Just wish me well or don’t.

Additionally, he said he was ending his silence in an effort to combat wrong stories about him.

"Being quiet allowed people to create bullshyt narratives about me n I thought being quiet would get me another job in the NFL but none of that worked so I’m taking matters into my own hands. Now the info is officially coming from the actual source.”

Marquette King's NFL career

Buffalo Bills v Oakland Raiders
Buffalo Bills v Oakland Raiders

According to Pro Football Reference, the punter was a rookie free-agent signing made by the Oakland Raiders. The punter started as a 25-year-old rookie and played for the team from 2013-2017. With the Raiders, his most active season was in 2014 when he punted 109 times.


At the time, he had a cult following as one of the most animated punters in the league. Long-time Raiders fans will recall him dancing before each punt as the teams lined up. Raiders fans would often call him one of the best punters in the league.


After the 2017 season, at 30 years old, the punter changed teams, landing with the Denver Broncos. King was thought of as a steal by Broncos fans. However, he only lasted four games with the team. Since ending his time with Denver in 2018, the punter has hovered in the background, waiting for his next opportunity.

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