Jarvis Landry hints at leaving Cleveland in social media rant 

Divisional Round - Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
Divisional Round - Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs

For the Cleveland Browns, 2021 and now 2022 have been marked as a humbling period for the one-time playoff team. During the season, Odell Beckham Jr. left the team. Now after the season, his former teammate Jarvis Landry is hinting at doing the same.

On Tuesday, Landry took to Twitter to vent about his experience during the 2021 season. In the post, he said he played hurt with an MCL injury, a quad tear, and a bone bruise. He also explained the lack of media availability and said he wouldn't mind playing somewhere else next year.

"Reality behind all this is I came back to play in the best shape of my life, I got hurt week 2 with a high grade MCL Sprain, Partial quad tear and bone bruise. Then came back way to early and ended up staying hurt the entire season. You never heard me mention anything about it," Landry wrote on Twitter.
Landry continued in two additional tweets, "Also my media availability didn’t happen because I was focused on getting on the field as healthy as possible during the week and after games.. a strategic plan was set in place to be followed. I put the ball in CLE court by telling them I would like to stay but if not then... I have put the ball in CLE court by telling them I would like to stay but if not then I’m confident enough in myself to be a better healthy me this year and moving forward to helping do my part in winning a championship elsewhere."
Jarvis Landry sounds off about playing through multiple injuries this season and his future with Cleveland 🍿👀

How do the Cleveland Browns feel about Jarvis Landry's tweets?

Cleveland Browns v New England Patriots
Cleveland Browns v New England Patriots

The media and fans can pick apart the posts as much as they want, but the opinion of the front office will decide how to react to this information, if at all. Their first issue is likely with how he said he didn't say anything or complain about playing injured. However, he's now talking about and complaining about playing injured.

His media availability explanation raises an eyebrow. How does avoiding the media speed up a physical ailment? More details about the "strategic plan" are needed. Lastly, it sounds like the wide receiver is attempting to explain his season to keep his job, while attempting to have a laissez-faire attitude about his job security.

Sometimes you can over play your part, but not until you see they don’t deserve it will you understand what that means!!! 🗣🗣

The way he ended his post was an attempt to manipulate the team into jumping into action to keep him around. From Cleveland's perspective, the last sentence was likely not well appreciated.

Jarvis Landry will be 30 years old by the end of the 2022 football season, according to Spotrac. He's arriving at the end of a five-year deal and will be a free agent at the conclusion of the upcoming season. For Cleveland, the team has the opportunity to release him without incurring massive dead cap issues for the first time. Will they jump at the opportunity?


For Landry, who just watched his old teammate win a Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams, the wide receiver could be tempted to get a spot with the team. If a Super Bowl is what he wants (he alluded to as much in his post), the almost 30-year-old receiver could simply follow in the wake of Odell Beckham Jr.

A corps of Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Beckham, and Landry would be a recipe for Los Angeles to get back to the big game once again, and it doesn't seem too far out of reach.

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