“They don’t even let white guys try anymore” – Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce settle debate over most difficult position in the NFL 

Jason Kelce, left, Travis Kelce, right
Jason Kelce, left, Travis Kelce, right

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce might be the best brother duo in the NFL. Off the field, the duo host the New Heights podcast, where they discuss an array of topics. In their latest episode from yesterday, the two discussed what they think is the hardest position to play and which talks the most trash. Jason Kelce thinks the answer to both is defensive back. Here's how the conversation went. Jason Kelce began:

"What position groups talk the most trash? To me I think without the question, it's DB's... Is it because their job is so hard?"

Travis Kelce interjected:

"You think they have the hardest job?"

The center embarked on a long explanation:

"You don't think a DB is the hardest job in the NFL? What's the hardest job in the NFL? Maybe quarterback? Dude you gotta mirror somebody throughout the whole field like what's harder than playing cover one? And just staying in somebody's hip and you can't give up a yard of seperation otherwise it's a completion. It's so good that white people can't even do it Travis. Like, that's how you know it's the hardest position, they don't even let white guys try to play cornerback anymore, like they just said, you're done."

Jason and Travis Kelce might be the best brother duo in the NFL today

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs

Jason and Travis Kelce have each amassed a ton of success in their respective NFL careers. Jason Kelce first entered the league first in 2011 as he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles. During his 12-year career, he's made five Pro Bowls and has been selected to the All-Pro team's four teams while being a Super Bowl champion. He's played his entire career with the Eagles.

His brother was drafted two years later in 2013 by the Kansas City Chiefs. In his 10-year career, he's made the Pro Bowl seven times, the All-Pro team six times, and is also a Super Bowl champion.


The two brothers are likely future Hall of Famers and are still colossal presecnces on the field today. Intruguingly, they and are on teams that could meet in the Super Bowl. That would certainly be a turn out for the books.

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