Jason Kelce jokes about possible outcomes over wife Kylie's month-late anniversary gift: "If Kylie killed me with a sword, I had it coming"

Jason Kelce jokes about possible outcomes over wife Kylie
Jason Kelce jokes about possible outcomes over wife Kylie's month-late anniversary gift

Jason Kelce has clarified to the general public that if his wife Kylie were ever to assault him with a sword, he would have had it coming. Now, those bemused by the appearance of a sword in a conversation might need some context.

The retired center recently bought an anniversary present for his wife. They wed in 2018 and this is their sixth year together, which is also called the iron anniversary. In keeping with that theme Jason Kelce purchased a sword for Kylie. It came with an engraving,

"Happy Anniversary Princess Kyana."

Prince Kyana is a portmanteau of her name, Kylie, and that of late UK Princess Diana.

That is quite an impressive weapon to have around, though its practical use is debatable. But now Jason Kelce has suggested that she might use it for some unknown transgression of his in the future. And if she does, he would have deserved it. Appearing with his brother Travis Kelce on the New Heights podcast, he said,

“If Kylie killed me with a sword, I had it coming.”

More about the sword Jason Kelce purchased as anniversary gift for wife Kylie

The idea of a sword came from Travis Kelce, who thought that it would be a good idea for Jason Kelce to give one to his wife. And even though it might have been tongue-in-cheek, the former Eagles star followed through with it. And he seemed to be sure that Kylie would love it, proclaiming,

"We got the sword. Kylie loves it... I'm pretty sure. I think she does."

As his co-host and brother appeared initially incredulous before congratulating him on his purchase, Jason Kelce revealed that he is something of a connoisseur when it comes of such blades. When the Chiefs tight end said that it looked like a nice sword, he gave his expert opinion, commenting,

"It's really not; I've seen better, and it's not that sharp. But it's for show... It's pretty pointy, though."


The above pronouncement leaves in doubt the efficacy of any assault Kylie were to visit on her husband. But the pointiness, perhaps, could do the damage.

The Eagles' Super Bowl-winning center retired this offseason and will be spending more time with her than he ha ever had the opportunity. But having absolved his partner of any culpability if any sword-related misfortune were to befall on him, he might want to watch he does a bit more carefully, since he will not have the opportunity to escape to training camp anytime soon.

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