Jason Kelce’s wife Kylie reflects on experience with Kelce family - “I was welcomed in with open arms”

Donna Kelce loves Jason Kelce
Donna Kelce loves Jason Kelce's marriage to his wife Kylie

Jason Kelce is one of the longest-serving members of the Philadelphia Eagles, having begun playing in 2011, towards the end of the Andy Reid era. The center has snapped to a litany of quarterbacks, from Michael Vick to the current starter Jalen Hurts.

He also happens to be the more conservative Kelce brother compared to Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, having married his wife Kylie (nee McDevitt) in 2018 and welcomed three daughters.

On ABC's Impact x Nightline special during the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift relationship that aired on Thursday, Kylie praised Kelce's mother Donna for being supportive of her:

“I was on the outside at the beginning because I married in. The most amazing part is that I was welcomed in with open arms.
“They’re a pretty small family, so it is a little bit of an adjustment; but it feels so warm and inviting, like I think a big family feel, that it was sort of second nature to hop in there. And it is as fun as you think it is.”

Is Jason Kelce spending for post-NFL future? Eagles center has massive plans for Pennsylvania properties

While his younger brother Travis is easily the more marketable of the two for many reasons, Jason Kelce is quietly making his own mark outside the NFL world.

The 36-year-old center knows that his time on the gridiron is not infinite, so he has acquired and invested in five residences across the eastern portion of United States. Three of them are in Haverford, three miles west of Philadelphia.

He purchased the first of them in 2018 for just $680,000 ($120,000 lower than it was originally sold at) - a modest yet elegant house that boasts four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. Since then, he also purchased the remaining nearby properties for a combined $5.31 million.

On Thursday, sources told the New York Post that Kelce has grand ambitions for the area: demolish all three structures and replace them with a single expansive mansion that will have every luxury and amenity available.

Apart from the three Haverford houses, Jason Kelce also has properties in Sea Isle City, New Jersey and his birthplace of Cleveland, Ohio.

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