Joe Burrow reacts to Tom Brady and Bills OC's recent meltdowns: "Football is very polarizing"

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys
Joe Burrow is sympathetic to those who lose their cool during matches

Joe Burrow is seen as one of the calmest football players currently. People have praised his ability to carry himself properly and not melt under pressure. In just his second year in the NFL, he took a young Cincinnati Bengals team to the Super Bowl against all odds - a remarkable achievement.

During a recent appearance on the Colin Cowherd Podcast, Joe Burrow was asked about the frustration demonstrated by players and coaches in the NFL in recent times.


This question came after Tom Brady was seen smashing a Microsoft tablet and Buffalo Bills OC Ken Dorsey looking extremely frustrated after the loss to the Miami Dolphins. Here's what Burrow said about the whole situation:

"Yeah, let's be honest, this is a very emotional game, there's a lot riding on each and every single game, every game in the NFL counts. And at the end of the year, you can look back at one or two plays in a certain game where if it goes your way you lose, and maybe you're in the playoffs."

Joe Burrow continued:

"And so when coaches have these reactions, and players have these reactions, you got to take a step back and understand how much work we put into each and every play every single week. And so when it doesn't go your way, emotions are gonna run high. And that's just the way it is. We talked about it last week how the nation is so polarized. Football is very polarizing."
Bills OC Ken Dorsey was not happy at the end of the game.
"Like you said, you win, or you lose. And if you win, the mistakes that you make, you go back and correct him, but they're not as big of a deal. And then if you lose, you go back and look at these mistakes... So emotions are gonna run high in this game. That's just the way it is based off the amount of work that everybody puts in."

Joe Burrow is certainly right, the players and the coaches put a lot of effort during the whole week to win a football game. When results don't go in their favor, such reactions are quite expected.

Tom Brady, Filthy 12-6 Breaking Tablet (with Tail). ๐Ÿ˜ท

So far, we haven't seen Joe Burrow in this situation, and we would hope that he continues to deal with the pressure situation like he has done so far in his career.

Joe Burrow and the Bengals finally got their first win of the season in Week 3

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets
Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets

The reigning AFC Champions, the Cincinnati Bengals, finally got their first win of the season in Week 3 against the New York Jets. Joe Burrow was able to put in a great performance, and the whole team played well.

This might be the turning point of their season, as they'll face the Miami Dolphins on TNF in Week 4. The Bengals are currently the favorites to win the game, as the Dolphins are coming off a hard-fought win against the Buffalo Bills. With the conditions in Florida tricky, they are unlikely to be well prepared for that game.

Burrow. Tua. Chase. Waddle.Thursday's Dolphins-Bengals game will feature plenty of starpower from the epic 2019 LSU-Alabama game. @SEConCBS

It will be interesting to see which young quarterback will lead his team to a win in this primetime game between the Bengals and the Dolphins.

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