Joe Theismann drops words of wisdom for Tom Brady as Patriots legend embarks on $375,000,000 broadcasting career

Joe Theismann gives Tom Brady advice
Joe Theismann gives Tom Brady advice (Credit: Getty)

Tom Brady is scheduled to begin his highly anticipated broadcast career in Week 1 of the 2024 NFL season. Fox Network locked in the superstar quarterback to a record-breaking contract worth $375 million over the next ten years to serve as their leading analyst.

What makes this situation extremely unique is that Fox did so before Brady had ever officially called an NFL game. They are going all-in on his undisputed status as the greatest quarterback ever and hoping that it translates to a beneficial television broadcast.

Many around the league are surely curious as to how Brady will stack up as a broadcaster. He has also received some support from other former players in similar positions, including Joe Theismann. The former quarterback offered him some advice for his upcoming role in an interview with OutKick, via the New York Post.

Theismann stated:

"Be Tom Brady. Don't try to be somebody else. That, to me, would probably be the biggest and best piece of advice. Be the guy that has the knowledge about the game and then let the game tell the story. You embellish it a little bit, but you don't tell the story. The game tells the story."

While Joe Theismann is not on the same level as Tom Brady in terms of career accomplishments as a player, he did win an NFL MVP award and a Super Bowl ring before a career-ending leg injury ended his career earlier than anticipated. The former Washington Commanders quarterback also spent more than 25 years as a broadcaster, so he is surely qualified to give relevant advice.

Tom Brady's first NFL game as a broadcaster with Fox

Tom Brady debut (Credits: Getty)
Tom Brady debut (Credits: Getty)

Tom Brady is scheduled to make one of the most highly anticipated broadcasting debuts ever in Week 1 of the 2024 NFL season. His first assignment was officially announced as he will be in the booth when the Cleveland Browns take on the Dallas Cowboys for a nationally televised Fox game.

Joining him on the call will be play-by-play announcer Kevin Burkhardt, who was previously paired with Greg Olsen in the booth on the top broadcasting team for Fox. Brady will replace Olsen, who will join now Joe Davis on their second team for television coverage.

Also joining Brady and Burkhardt will be Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi, who will both serve as sideline reporters during the broadcast. They can all be seen at 4:25 pm et in week 1 at First Energy Stadium.

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