"These emails uncovered the real thoughts of Jon Gruden" - NFL insider claims players and staff are relieved

Former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden
Former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden

The scandal surrounding former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has shaken the NFL landscape. For the last decade, the NFL has been attempting to show it's changing with the times. Minorities have more opportunities in the NFL now than they've ever had.

But Jon Gruden's vulgar and inappropriate emails being made public negatively impacts the NFL's image. NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport spoke with CNN on Tuesday morning.

Rapoport has connections all across the league and spoke to players and coaches alike.

Players and coaches are relieved Jon Gruden's emails have come out.

According to Rapoport, there's a lot of relief from coaches and players. There's still a lot of racism and homophobia hidden across the NFL. But for Jon Gruden's past to be made public is a sign of accountability. That accountability is a hopeful sign of things to come in the future.

Here is what else Rapoport had to say:

"It's tough to gague what several thousand people think. But I sense a lot of relief honestly. This is a man, who publicly was one thing -- he seemed to be a kind of jovial, kooky leader -- these emails obviously uncover the real thoughts of Jon Gruden. There were a lot of people wondering. Players, coaches, executives of color, coaches of color or just humans. Were wondering if this person is going to get what he deserves. Is there going to be accountability? Are you just allowed to do this?"

Accountability is something that's been brought up a lot since the scandal was made public. Former NFL veteran Ryan Russell spoke to CNN on Tuesday and demanded the NFL hold everyone accountable for their actions. The fallout from this scandal may not just impact Jon Gruden.

There were 650,000 emails collected by the NFL as they investigated the Washington Football Team. The basis for the investigation is owner Daniel Snyder and former executive Bruce Allen. Allen took the fall for Snyder during the league's investigation into workplace misconduct and incidents involving cheerleaders.

On that note, Rappaport said:

There were thousands upon thousands upon thousands of emails but so few were made public. The contents of the NFL''s investigation into the workplace conduct and other issues involving the Washington Football Team haven't been made public. The report has not been made public, most of these emails have not been made public. Are they going to be? Are we going to find out these secret contents of other leaders'e emails that follow this pattern? I don't know.

The NFL is on notice and must react accordingly.

The scandal involving Jon Gruden has caused former players such as Randy Moss to speak out on the matter. Moss didn't hold back on Sunday about the league going backward instead of forward.

The NFL and its fans will keep an eye out for how they handle and respond to this scandal. While players and coaches may be relieved now, the work is far from over. The future of the NFL must be one without discrimination. Instead, it needs to be one with compassion and inclusiveness.

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