"I have no idea" - Jordan Love gets candid about his time with Packers following new Aaron Rodgers contract

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love

Most agreed that when Jordan Love was drafted, it sparked a war between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. At the center of the war was the question of how long Rodgers could continue and the ultimate plan for his final years in the NFL. Soon after the young quarterback was drafted, it seemed Rodgers was on his way out of the franchise.

Instead, the Packers were able to patch things up, leaving the young quarterback stuck in limbo. With Rodgers locked up for three more years, Love's rookie contract will be up by the time that deal ends, an odd position indeed. Love talked about how he felt about his place in the franchise with the media at OTAs.

According to Jason Wilde of Madison, here's what he said:

“What it comes down to is, I’m always confident in myself, but it’s about being a lot more comfortable, relaxed and being able to process things at lot faster. And that all ties into it. I definitely feel very confident in myself right now. I am human. And that stuff’s going to be there, regardless. But I think I do a pretty good job at compartmentalizing it."

He continued, emphasizing a focus on the present instead of what may happen in the future:

“I don’t even want to think about that stuff. I can’t control what’s going on, I have no idea what might happen. So rather than stressing about things that might happen, things that might not happen, I’m just here right now. I’ll take what I’m given and run with it.”

As for right now, the quarterback explained that he was feeling good in OTAs while talking about one of his two-minute drives:

“Obviously, when it comes down to the last play, you want to win it. But just putting that drive together, I felt like it was one of our better 2-minute drives since we’ve been in OTAs. Guys were on the same page, we were clicking, making big plays and on the move. It felt good.”

Jordan Love's NFL career so far

Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs
Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs

The young quarterback was drafted 26th overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. His first season was an effective redshirt year, and he never saw the field, not even as a backup quarterback. However, in his second season, he did play as the immediate cover for Rodgers.


In total, he got just one start in 2021. Love covered the Packers for a one-game spell, while the veteran quarterback recovered from Covid-19. It wasn't the best situation for the young quarterback's debut start, as the team had to take on the Kansas City Chiefs. As many predicted, Green Bay lost.


Most agree that Love looked out of sync in the contest. He threw for 190 yards, one touchdown and one interception. He made appearances against the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions, and his season totals were 411 yards, two touchdowns, and three interceptions.

With such a small sample size, his future in the NFL, let alone with the Packers, could take a number of paths. With so little tape, anything is possible. Either way, the young quarterback appears to be stuck in traffic in the NFL with seemingly no end in sight.

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