Last Chance U coach Jason Brown tears down Patrick Mahomes' NFL resume: "Without Andy Reid, he's nothing"

Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers
Is Patrick Mahomes just a product of the Chiefs' offense?

If you doubt Patrick Mahomes at this point, chances are you're never going to be his fan whatever happens. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is a multiple Super Bowl champion, has multiple MVPs from the league and is still a very likable guy. You have to dig deep to find reasons to not be a fan.

But one of the guys who found reasons to criticize Mahomes is a guy known for criticizing every little thing that moves in the world. Former Last Chance U star Jason Brown, who was the head coach for Independence Pirates Football (featured on seasons 3 and 4), gave his view on Patrick Mahomes' success - and why he believes that he wouldn't succeed away from the Chiefs:

I'm telling you the truth about Mahomes. Without Andy Reid, Mahomes is nothing. Put him in Chicago, how good is Mahomes? You know that 50% of his throws are at or behind the line of scrimmage. He is the lowest rated Super Bowl winning quarterback of all time. He is in a gimmicky system that is devised to help him succeed.

How good is Patrick Mahomes really?

Patrick Mahomes is magic. No other adjective defines him better than this one. Just when you think you've seen all that's possible, he pulls another rabbit out of his hat, making a seemingly impossible pass or putting the ball through a tight window.

But it's not just pyrotechnics. He's also a smart quarterback who dissects defenses and turns games around like no one else.

He led the league in passing yards and touchdowns even without Tyreek Hill. He was the best player of 2022.

11 different Kansas City players caught touchdown passes from Mahomes the previous season. It wasn't just highlights: according to NFL Next Gen Stats, only 8% of the Chiefs' quarterback passes were considered "in depth" this year.

With a shift in the offensive philosophy the previous season, Patrick Mahomes remained the same. He was consistent and effective, and with a touch of magic, he once again led the Chiefs to a high level, and later the championship. It's not about the system or the coaches only.

It's just difficult to see how would Kansas City be dominant with Rashee Rice as their best wide receiver.

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Edited by Henrique Bulio