'It's one touchdown, we gotta score more': Mac Jones showcases maturity by declining football from first passing touchdown

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones
New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones

Mac Jones fit the New England Patriots like a glove. Since Jones took over the starting job, he's won over his teammates, fans and head coach. The rookie is committed to the "Patriot way" and appears to be the right man to lead the Patriots into the post-Tom Brady era.

In Week 1, Mac Jones scored his first touchdown on a play-action pass to Nelson Agholor. After the play, Agholar tried to give Jones the football. After all, it's a tradition in the NFL to keep the first football you throw for a touchdown.

But Jones wanted no part of it and gave the ball back. It was a moment Patriots fans quickly picked up on. After the game, Jones revealed why he didn't want the ball.

Mac Jones knew the job wasn't done after his first touchdown

When Mac Jones threw for his first touchdown, it put the Patriots up 9-7 over the Miami Dolphins. Jones didn't let the moment go to his head, though. Instead, he handed the ball right back to Agholor, who tried giving it to Jones again, to no success. When asked about it in the teams' postgame press conference, Jones was candid.

"That doesn't really matter. It's one touchdown. We've got to score more. It's not like the game was over right there. We gotta do better in the red zone and get more touchdowns. And we will."

Mac Jones and the Patriots will need to improve their red-zone execution going forward. Of their four trips, the touchdown to Agholor was the only one that ended in a touchdown. If Jones has shown anything, it's that he's not afraid to put in the hard yards to take his game to the next level.

Jones has fully embraced the Patriot way

Mac Jones's quote shows his maturity at such a young age. Jones is just 23 years old and in his first season out of college. It should be noted that it takes a certain type of personality to thrive under Bill Belichick.

Cam Newton revealed after his release that his personality didn't match what the Patriots wanted in a player. That's one of the reasons they let him go.

Jones, though, is all about football. Belichick has a good relationship with Jones's college coach, Nick Saban. Saban likely told Belichick about Jones's obsession with football, which led to Belichick feeling confident in drafting him.

There's no greater sign of being in love with football than practicing plays at home with your girlfriend. His teammates have also raved about him since he joined the Patriots. Jones has a bright future ahead of him, going by what his former coaches and teammates have had to say. He and the Patriots will look to get their first win in Week 2 against a divisional rival, the New York Jets.

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