Matthew Stafford's wife Kelly revamps podcast with new host days before NFL season kicks off

Matthew Stafford
Matthew Stafford's wife made a big change on her podcast.

The wife of Matthew Stafford made a space for herself where she could share how a wife/girlfriend of a famous NFL player deals with fame and figure out the world with him.

Kelly Stafford attained immediate success with her podcast, which resonated with her audience because she also decided to speak about motherhood and everything in between.

The Morning After with Kelly Stafford has thousands of listeners who love the format of the show. Kelly shares her day-to-day experience as a human trying to live a full life. Guests join her on several occasions. This allows the conversation to become more rich and interesting.

One of the most recurring guests on the show was Hank Winchester, an award-winning investigative reporter. Winchester and the Staffords met when they were not married to each other.

A deep bond of respect and friendship formed between Matthew Stafford's wife and the reporter. And now, the two have teamed up to revamp the podcast and make big changes.

It was announced that Hank would be the co-host of the show with the original host. Fans were excited to hear the news and wanted to listen to the new episodes of the podcast as soon as they came out.

Did Matthew Stafford's wife get herself into trouble?

A few episodes ago, Kelly revealed that the Lions' quarterback is having issues connecting with the rookie players on the team.

"He said it's so different and so hard to get to know these guys. He had a book printed out. He had the equipment guy get a book printed of all their faces, and all their names, 'cause he's like, 'I need to know their names.'"

She realized that what she had said was inappropriate and hence, apologized for her actions while speaking with Local 4 Detroit’s Christy McDonald on A Conversation With.

"That was tough," she said. "I say all the time, probably not the best if your wife’s name is in the media, if it’s talking about sports. I felt pretty bad last week. I put my foot in my mouth pretty good last week."

Though she felt what she talked about was relatable, she never anticipated the traction it would get.

Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions will kick off the season on September 7 against the Kansas City Chiefs, last year's Super Bowl champions.

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