“They regret not being together” - Cowboys legend Michael Irvin believes Davante Adams and the Green Bay Packers are rueing Raiders trade

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams

In the offseason, the Green Bay Packers traded star receiver Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders. Many thought the move would weaken the Packers a lot while Adams was given an opportunity to play with his good friend Derek Carr.

The Packers have certainly been heavily impacted by the loss of Adams. It also seems like the star receiver is missing Green Bay more than he would have hoped. After a fascinating debut with the Raiders, Davante Adams' numbers have regressed over the past few weeks. This is despite scoring a touchdown in every game so far.

Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin believes both the parties are missing each other heavily. He talked about how not playing alongside Aaron Rodgers has been pretty bad for Adams. Here's how he put it:

"They regret not being together. They are saying why did we do this? Are you serious? Davante should have stayed in Green Bay, when he knew Aaron Rodgers has tunnel vision... Aaron Rodgers, everybody can be open, he still throwing me to football. Derek Carr is not going to do that for you."


Irvin added:

"So you would not be leading the league like you were doing over in Green Bay. That's just the way this thing is going to work. There's too much pressure on Derek Carr to say I'm gonna throw everything to Davante Adams, and that is put on him also."
Week 3 UpdateDavante Adams: 36 yardsRomeo Doubs: 73 yardsRandall Cobb: 57 yardsAllen Lazard: 45 yards Robert Tonyan: 37 yards…

Derek Carr has opted to spread the ball around and not just throw at Adams. It's mainly because the team is under pressure and they need to win sooner rather than later. The Packers, on the other hand, are 2-1, but their offense has looked pretty ordinary for the most part since the loss of Adams. Both parties will likely improve with time, but until then, there will be pressure.

Davante Adams and the Raiders face the Denver Broncos in Week 4

Davante Adams and Derek Carr - Las Vegas Raiders v Tennessee Titans
Davante Adams and Derek Carr - Las Vegas Raiders v Tennessee Titans

The Las Vegas Raiders are 0-3 to start the season and desperately need a win under their belt. They'll face their division rivals, the Denver Broncos, in Week 4. They need to win against the Broncos at any cost, otherwise they could be out of the playoff race already.

Pressure is mounting on Derek Carr and new head coach Josh McDaniels. The Broncos' offense hasn't looked good yet, and the Raiders can pounce on that opportunity. They need to put some points on the board to win this huge game and bring life back to their camp.

Dan Orlovsky with some eye opening analysis on Derek Carr and him simply ignoring Davante Adams/ making bad reads. #RaiderNation

As of now, the Raiders are a -2.5 points favorite against the Broncos. It will be interesting to see which AFC West team comes out on top in this game.

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