NFL analyst blames Mike McCarthy for Aaron Rodgers not being a multiple-time Super Bowl winner

Mike McCarthy was blamed for Aaron Rodgers' one Super Bowl ring.
Mike McCarthy was blamed for Aaron Rodgers' one Super Bowl ring.
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Aaron Rodgers does not have seven Super Bowl rings like Tom Brady. He doesn't even have two like Peyton Manning. Instead, like fellow Packers quarterback legend Brett Favre, Rodgers is a one-time Super Bowl champion.

Dallas HC Mike McCarthy was fined $100,000, and the Cowboys were docked an organized team activity for 2023 for holding practices that were deemed too physical by the NFL, via…

Emmanuel Acho of FS1's Speak For Yourself went after Rodgers' long-time head coach in Green Bay, Mike McCarthy, and called him an underachiever.

"It starts at the top down in my mind. It's all about the head man. It's all about the head coach. The biggest deceit that the Cowboys have bought into, the biggest lie the Cowboys have bought into is that Mike McCarthy is a Super Bowl winning coach presently because Mike McCarthy won a Super Bowl.
"Everybody assumes Mike McCarthy still has the capacity and still has the ability to win a Super Bowl right here and right now. But I actually think that Mike McCarthy is a career underachiever more than he's a career overachiever."

Acho called Rodgers a quarterback great who deserved to be mentioned in the same breath as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and two-time AFC Champion Patrick Mahomes.

But the NFL analyst added that, unlike his peers, he had a coach who was unable to take the team to multiple Super Bowls.

"You have Aaron Rodgers as your quarterback, but with Aaron Rodgers, you only go to one Super Bowl. Now, it sounds like shade, but really think about the greatest quarterbacks of this generation... Not only the Dolphins, but Pittsburgh with the Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger, one, two, three Super Bowls. He won two.
"Peyton Manning, went to four Super Bowls. He won two. Tom Brady... he's won seven. Patrick Mahomes, in his short career, has already gone to two Super Bowls. The greatest quarterbacks of this generation have all gone to multiple Super Bowls. So then the question is, why in the world did Aaron Rodgers… How did they only go to one? I'm not going to blame Aaron Rodgers. Who I am going to blame is Mike McCarthy."

Aaron Rodgers has not been to a Super Bowl with Matt LaFleur

The criticism of Mike McCarthy is questionable in the context in which Emmanuel Acho uses it. McCarthy hasn't been the coach of the Packers for the last three seasons, and Rodgers still hasn't won a second Super Bowl despite MVP seasons in 2020 and 2021.

The Packers have grown all too accustomed to postseason heartbreak over the past decade or so, but the circumstances surrounding their 13-10 NFC divisional playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers made it particularly tough to get over. ...…

Under Matt LaFleur, Green Bay were 39-10 during the regular season but just 2-3 in the postseason. Until that record improves, Rodgers will continue to be a one-ringed Packers signal-caller like his predecessor.

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