"You could just not have sexually assaulted 30 women" - NFL analyst calls out Deshaun Watson for planning to sue league over suspension

Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson
Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson

Allegations of sexual misconduct against Deshaun Watson have dominated the NFL offseason. The Cleveland Browns quarterback plans to sue the NFL over a potential suspension and one NFL analyst isn’t a fan of the move.

Lindsey Ok took to Twitter to let her feelings be known. She commented that to avoid a suspension, the Browns quarterback could have avoided assaulting the women in question.

"Or you could just not have sexually assaulted 30 women," Ok tweeted, while highlighting an article detailing Watson's plans to sue.
Or you could just not have sexually assaulted 30 women…

Browns training camp starts on July 26 and there has been no decision made by Judge Robinson as yet.

There are one of two ways that the situation could play out. Either, the league accepts Robinson's resolution when it comes to the length of Watson's suspension, or they appeal and push for a longer ban on the quarterback.


Senior NFL reporter for Yahoo, Charles Robinson stated that the quarterback and his team are ready to take legal action if Watson is hit with a season-long suspension.

Another note: If Watson ends up incurring the full-year suspension the #NFL is seeking - either from the arbitrator or a league appeal of Robinson’s decision - I’m told his camp and the @NFLPA have already made the decision to file a lawsuit against the league in federal court.…

A third (and very unlikely) prospect is that Robinson concludes that no suspension is given to the 26-year-old. The NFL is expected to file an appeal should that be the outcome.

Will Deshaun Watson play in the 2022 season?

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout

Despite settling 20 of the 24 civil lawsuits filed against him, the Cleveland quarterback is expected to miss some, if not all, of the upcoming season.

He was given a five-year, $230 million fully guaranteed contract from the Browns, meaning he will get paid even if he doesn't take a single snap.


The last time we saw Watson under center was in the 2020 season with the Texans. He led the league in passing yards with 4,823 and finished tied for seventh in touchdown passes with 33.

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