NFL analyst calls Bill Belichick’s team a pushover in 2023 - “Doesn’t seem that hard to do”

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
Bill Belichick will look for better results in 2023 NFL season

Bill Belichick will be looking to help his New England Patriots bounce back strong in the 2023 NFL season after a disappointing campaign last year. They missed out on the NFL Playoffs after getting there in the season prior. They have also failed to win a single playoff game since 2018 when they defeated the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl.

As Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season approaches, much speculation has been made about what the schedule will look like. One popular suggestion for the Patriots' potential season opener is a possible matchup against their AFC East division rivals, the New York Jets. Aaron Rodgers will be making his highly-anticipated debut for the Jets, so it creates a potentially intriguing matchup.

NFL analyst Jamie Erdahl recently appeared on an episode of "Good Morning Football" to explain why she would have no interest in such a kickoff matchup:

"While I appreciate the classic Jets hoodie, we don't need people. We're not desperately seeking people to beat the Patriots anymore. It doesn't seem that hard to do right now. It doesn't. It doesn't. When they have won it is not that convincing. We are all looking for a reason for why the Patriots are going to convince us this season.
"And I think we're going to have to wait until Week 1, whoever they play. But I think the Bills, again, a measuring stick situation with Josh Allen. Did he just become richer with Dalton Kincaid in that first-round draft pick? Or are we going to see a team the way they finished last season?"

Erdahl doesn't believe that the Patriots have proven to be a legitimate enough contender to serve as a featured matchup in Week 1 for Rodgers' debut. She suggested that Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills make for a more intriguing opponent than Bill Belichick and his signature sideline hoodie.

Bill Belichick's recent struggles to find success in NFL Playoffs

Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick is one of the most successful head coaches in NFL history, winning an all-time record six Super Bowl rings with the New England Patriots. The only slight knock on his incredible career is that all of his rings were achieved with Tom Brady as his starting quarterback.

In three seasons since Brady departed for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the legendary quarterback made three appearances in the NFL Playoffs and won his seventh Super Bowl ring. Bill Belichick and the Patriots have made just one postseason appearance in that same time frame and couldn't make it out of the first round.


Bill Belichick will push forward in 2023 with Mac Jones to pursue his goal of playoff glory in the post-Brady era. He's hoping Jones can bounce back this year following a disappointing 2022 season after a promising rookie campaign.

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