NFL analyst claims AFC running back is already Hall of Fame worthy

Chris Russo sees Derrick Henry as an NFL Hall of Famer already.
Chris Russo sees Derrick Henry as an NFL Hall of Famer already.

Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry was the 2020 NFL Offensive Player of the Year. Additionally, he's a two-time All-Pro, a two-time Pro Bowler, and two-time league rushing yards and rushing touchdown leader. According to 'The Mad Dog' Chris Russo, that resume has already propelled Henry's career to Hall of Fame status.


Considering how well he played in the 2015 CFP title game and the 2019 AFC Championship game, Russo believes he's Hall of Fame bound:

"I've seen Derrick play and run well in championship games. I saw him kill the Ravens in a big playoff game. Last year, he was hurt so he didn't play. I just know how good Henry is. I love him as a player. He's a Hall of Famer. He is, right now, he can retire today, he's a Hall of Famer."

However, Henry didn't have the most memorable 2020/21 Wild Card appearance. The back was held without a single first down during the Titans' 20-13 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. He was limited to 40 yards on 18 carries (2.2 yards-per-carry) and three receptions for 11 yards.

NFL star Derrick Henry is motivated by his haters

While a bit cliched, Derrick Henry did have a message for his haters. He stated that they were his motivation this offseason after the Titans' loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Divisional Round this past January:

"(I have a) desire to win like I've never had before. It definitely fueled me in the offseason. Someone could motivate me and wouldn't even know it. The doubters, whatever they want to be, I am definitely motivated. I'm ready to go. So we gonna see."

That motivation has led to more obscene workout videos posted by the former second-round NFL Draft pick this offseason.

Another day, another absurd Derrick Henry workout video

The key to Henry's recovery from foot surgery, as the rusher relays, is his work with physical therapist Luke Miller:

"I’ve been working with Luke Miller, who worked under the guy that did my surgery. Doing a lot of footwork. 'Finding my toes,' he always tells me that when I’m working out."

He continued:

"All types of different stuff, just so I’m balancing my foot. I feel good running hills, doing restricted running, being on the field and catching the ball."
Derrick Henry when he sees a cornerback

Given what we've seen in his NFL career so far, an even more motivated Henry is a frightening thought to say the least.

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