"His numbers were better" - NFL analyst claims Colin Kaepernick is statistically better than Raiders QB Derek Carr

Colin Kaepernick is working out with the Las Vegas Raiders
Colin Kaepernick is working out with the Las Vegas Raiders
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Colin Kaepernick spent his six years in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers. He set a couple of records during that run: most rushing yards by a quarterback (181) in a game and most rushing yards by a quarterback (264) in a postseason.

On top of this, he led the 49ers to two NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl. With Kaepernick's size and massive arm, he was a nightmare for opposing teams, but when Kyle Shanahan was brought in as head coach, he didn't' feel Kaepernick was a good fit for the offense he intended to run.


In a recent episode of ESPN's KJM, JWill compared Kaepernick's numbers to that of a mystery quarterback.

"I mean, there was a great stat on this morning comparing it was a mystery quarterback, and it talked about the QBR for Colin Kaepernick. It talked about, you know, his touchdown to interception ratio. It talks about yards per attempt, and his numbers were better than the mystery quarterback and that mystery quarterback was Derek Carr. The team that he's getting the workout for. So Colin Kaepernick as a backup. I think it's a genius move by Josh McDaniels if he's able to do it."

The fact that the mystery quarterback turned out to be Las Vegas Raiders starter Derek Carr was fitting since Kaepernick is working out for the Raiders. If the team was so bold as to do what the rest of the league has avoided for years and sign Kaepernick, it would ensure the offense was in more than capable hands should Carr miss games due to injury. Plus, they'd' no doubt get Kaepernick at a steal.

Colin Kaepernick's second chance could come in the form of a backup job to Derek Carr

Kaepernick was blacklisted for his protest against racial injustices in America. The fact that the protest came in the form of taking a knee during the National Anthem rubbed many fans the wrong way as they misunderstood the message behind his action. Since then, NFL teams have avoided Kaepernick like the plague.

Colin Kaepernick is getting his shot to return to the NFL.The QB is reportedly working out for the…

So, will this be the season we see Colin Kaepernick back on an NFL field? That remains to be seen. What is for certain is that the quarterback deserves a second chance. Kaepernick started a movement to bring awareness to the public of the injustices being committed upon minorities in the U.S. And now, he's' publishing books to inspire children.

After all, other players have been given a second chance and were guilty of far more.

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