NFL dismisses Josh Jacobs' concerns over gang-related jersey ban for Packers-Eagles opener

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders

Packers running back Josh Jacobs created a lot of anxiety amongst the football players and fans alike for this year’s NFL international games to be held in Brazil. However, NFL spokesperson Michael Signora has doused the flames.

Jacobs recently appeared on the podcast ‘Green Light with Chris Long’ and created doubt regarding the color green inside Sao Paulo’s Corinthians Arena. Since both the participating teams have green as their primary color, Josh Jacobs said:

“You know, they say that the part of Brazil we go, you can't even wear green there. They say, like, I guess it's gotta do with the gangs and stuff.”


This piece of information spread like wildfire in the football world. However, the NFL spokesperson has quashed the claim. In a recent interview by "The Philadelphia Inquirer," Signora said the following about the claims made by Josh Jacobs:

“It’s not true. You will see a stadium full of fans wearing the green of the Eagles and the green of the Packers. Discussion of the color green is related to soccer.”

The Philadelphia Eagles will take on the Packers during their season opener in Brazil and as per the NFL, the fans do not need to worry about proudly displaying their colors inside the stadium.

Explaining concerns around green uniforms for Packers vs Eagles

The Corinthians Arena is the home stadium of the much-beloved soccer team the Corinthians F.C., their colors are red, white, and black. However, their crosstown rivals Palmeiras sport the colors green and white. Hence, the hatred of the color green inside the arena stems from this old rivalry.

There is an informal ban inside the stadium to wear the color green and in 2021 Corinthians FC striker Jo was fined after wearing green cleats in a game. However, during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, several teams flaunted their green jerseys inside the stadium. Hence, as per the NFL spokesperson, the aversion to the color green is only during the league games of Brazilian soccer.

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