"Aaron Rodgers deserves all the smoke he gets" , "He's had a few too many concussions" - NFL fans blast Aaron Rodgers for wearing controversial t-shirt similar to Donald Trump's MAGA call

Aaron Rodgers invites the wrath of NFL Twitter with controversial tee
Aaron Rodgers invites the wrath of NFL Twitter with controversial tee

In today's episode of crossovers you didn't see coming, Aaron Rodgers' world collided with Donald Trump's. The Green Bay Packers quarterback sported a t-shirt that was interesting, to say the least.

No still photography allowed in the locker room and he didn’t talk today, but Aaron Rodgers is wearing a “Rodgers/Lazard ‘23 MAKE GREEN BAY GREAT AGAIN” T-shirt.

After going off on journalism as a whole, the Packers' franchise cornerstone was spotted wearing a “Rodgers/Lazard ‘23 MAKE GREEN BAY GREAT AGAIN” tee at practice.

Rodgers sporting such a t-shirt didn't go down well with a number of NFL fans. It is a play on former US President Donald Trump's campaign slogan. Here's what fans on social media had to say about Aaron Rodgers' latest stunt:

Aaron Rodgers deserves all the smoke he gets.…
@mattschneidman Aight. I'm out. Loved him for a long time, but he's had a few too many concussions or something.
@mattschneidman Man being a Green Bay fan is exhausting
@mattschneidman Augh…..i love the sentiment but does it have to be phrased THAT way??? 🤢🤮
@mattschneidman Can anyone stand that guy anymore?
ohh. great. a lot more reasoning to hate this man…
Does the back say “Immunized?”…
I knew he was a Trumper…
Ya don’t tell me Rodgers isn’t a white supremacist FOH…
Of course he is. Why do Green Bay packers quarterbacks get weirder as they age?…

This, of course, isn't Aaron Rodgers' first brush with Donald Trump's school of thought. Last week on the Joe Rogan Experience, the reigning league MVP claimed the media is more interested in generating clicks than objective reporting. His exact words were:

“That’s not journalism anymore. It is sensationalism. You have ten words on the front page to know what a story is about. 'How do I get the most clicks on it?' Well, they need Trump back or what will they talk about?”

Aaron Rodgers hopping in and out of the headlines

Wild Card Round - Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins
Wild Card Round - Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins

It almost seems like the Packers quarterback has been in the headlines forever now, doesn't it? It all started with an interview on the Aubrey Marcus podcast where he talked about taking ayahuasca to help him with his mental health. Here's what he said:

“To me, one of the core tenets of your mental health is self-love. That’s what ayahuasca did for me, was help me see how to unconditionally love myself. It’s only in that unconditional self love, that then I’m able to truly, unconditionally love others. And what better way to work on my mental health than to have an experience like that?”

Rodgers said he tried ayahuasca following an experience with psychedelics wherein he took mushrooms on a beach and felt himself "merge with the ocean." Rodgers avoided the ire of the NFL as he didn't test positive for any banned substances.

Then came some sharp criticism of his rookie receiving corps in training camp. Speaking to the press, he said the following:

"The young guys, especially young receivers, we've got to be way more consistent. A lot of drops, a lot of bad route decisions, running the wrong route. We've got to get better in that area."

With a Week 1 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings on the horizon this weekend, Packers fans will hope the offseason drama is behind him. Aaron Rodgers is aiming to take them to the Super Bowl after back-to-back MVP seasons.

We will see if he is successful in the upcoming campaign.

If you use any of the above quotes, please credit the Joe Rogan Experience, the Aubrey Marcus podcast, and H/T Sportskeeda.

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