"I thought it was monkeypox" - NFL fans gag over Jarvis Landry's scarring cupping therapy photo

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns
Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns
Zachary Roberts

Jarvis Landry signed for the New Orleans Saints this offseason. Ahead of what will doubtless be an intense and grueling campaign, Landry has tried cupping therapy. For those unfamiliar, cupping therapy is an alternative medicine where suction is created on the skin by the application of heated cups.

Cupping therapy is used to treat a plethora of medical issues, which should tell you all you need to know. These include fever, back pain, acne, indigestion, high blood pressure, psoriasis, anemia, stroke rehabilitation, infertility, and many more. This may come as a surprise, but there is insufficient evidence to suggest that it has any benefits. In fact, there are some risks attributed to this therapy.

Jarvis Landry is using cupping therapy to help him acclimatize to the New Orleans heat. He recently shared a photo of him undergoing the therapy. It was a jarring sight for many who were likely scrolling through Twitter unsuspecting. The image is quite the sight.

That Louisiana heat has Juice down bad 😭 @Saints (via @God_Son80)

NFL fans reacted to the image with varying degrees of shock. A few even said that they thought Landry had contracted monkeypox.

@thecheckdown @Saints @God_Son80 i thought it was monkeypox
@thecheckdown @Saints @God_Son80 That ain’t the heat, he got the Monkey Pox

One user couldn't even figure out what they were seeing.

Response screenshot via Zbaby72 on Twitter
Response screenshot via Zbaby72 on Twitter

A few NFL fans couldn't help but reference another NFL player who made headlines for therapy.

@thecheckdown @Saints @God_Son80 Hide this before nasty dude in Cleveland gets ideas

Here are some other selected comments:

@thecheckdown @Saints @God_Son80 Homies gotta case of the nipples 💀
@thecheckdown @Saints @God_Son80 Sometimes you just need to trust science, because - good lord, honestly, this looks terrifying

As you can see, not many fans were particularly enamored by cupping therapy.

How Jarvis Landry helps the New Orleans Saints this year

Denver Broncos v Cleveland Browns
Denver Broncos v Cleveland Browns

Jarvis Landry attended college at LSU but this will be his first season back in the Bayou since then. He was with the Miami Dolphins for four seasons before heading to the Cleveland Browns for the last four campaigns. Judging by his cupping therapy, he undoubtedly got used to the colder climate in Ohio.


Landry is highly anticipated in New Orleans and should help open up the offense. He will provide a second reliable target for Jameis Winston to throw to. Winston is returning from a nasty ACL injury that he suffered last campaign.

Having played the entire 2021 season without Michael Thomas, the Saints will be boasting two top wide receivers this year. Landry and Thomas will form a strong one-two punch. Thomas may demand double teams, but the presence of Landry might force them to reconsider. At the very least, it gives the Saints someone to rely on if Thomas can't get open.


With Thomas and Winston back healthy this year, the addition of Jarvis Landry should push them into the postseason. The Saints plan on getting back to the playoffs after missing out in in the 2021 campaign.

The Saints were 5-2 with Winston last season, so similar success can be expected. We shall see how they perform when the season kicks off in six weeks time.

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