NFL fans left amused by league's decision to relocate Buccaneers-Chiefs tie to U.S. Bank stadium if changes are required due to Hurricane Ian

Super Bowl LV
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV

Hurricane Ian has made landfall in Florida and while there are more pressing concerns than football right now, the NFL has a duty towards its fans.

In that regard, this week's marquee matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs could temporarily be relocated to the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota in case Tampa Bay cannot host the game due to the aftereffects of Hurricane Ian.


The NFL's decision to name the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota as the backup venue has had quite the effect on NFL fans.

Before moving forward, this is still a contingency plan that has yet to be finalized. However, fans were left puzzled with the league's decision to curve New Orleans as a potential option.

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome is closer to Tampa Bay's home stadium and the stadium is also free this week.

Others wondered if the gate receipts would still go to Florida in case they relocate for Week 4.

Here's what social media had to say about the NFL's decision to pick Minnesota as a contingency plan:

If the NFL moves this game to US Bank stadium, they should donate all the profit from ticket sales to relief efforts in Florida.…
I can’t imagine a football game will be played in Tampa Bay after this hurricane. It’s very possible that game will be played in Minnesota at US Bank stadium. Huge advantage for KC if so.…
Wow we might get Brady vs Mahomes at US Bank Stadium for Sunday Night Football
I have an idea. If Tampa Bay and Kansas City play at US Bank Stadium on Sunday night...Free Tickets, but must drop a donation in a "bucket", with donations going to Hurricane Ian relief. @nfl
Super Bowl LV rematch in US Bank Stadium, nice…
@JeffDarlington Fine vikings will play the saints @ US Bank stadium and the bucs amd chiefs can play in London.. win win
If Chiefs-Bucs moves to Minnesota, it goes from a Bucs home game to a Chiefs home game. Yes, technically, it’ll still be considered a home game for Tampa. However, Minnesota is way closer to KC. There would be a lot of Chiefs red in the crowd.
And a lot of sad Minnesota fans watching 2 real QBs playing at US Bank Stadium.…
@Alex8White @Nebraskafan1999 @ArrowheadLive @RapSheet Home field advantage is a HUGE deal in the NFL are you kidding me? It’s literally worth 3 points on the spread. Also - I guarantee there will be no issues filling up US Bank Stadium when Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes come to town…
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes both experienced heartache when they were last at @usbankstadium. Mahomes saw his Red Raiders lose to Virginia in 2019 and we remember Tom Brady's Super Bowl loss in 2018.

Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc in Tampa Bay, Florida

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have already decamped to Miami since the Dolphins are away to Cincinnati this week, leaving their facilities were free for use.

Since Hurricane Ian was centred around Tampa, the families of the players and coaches were also moved to Miami for the time-being.

In the meantime, the NFL's rationale for having the U.S. Bank Stadium as a backup is that since the Minnesota Vikings are playing away in London against the New Orleans Saints, their stadium would be best suited to host an NFL game.

But with all the talk about football, a wider perspective is needed on Hurricane Ian. Since landing in Florida, it has left at least 2 million people without power.

Twenty-three people are expected to have sunk off the coast of Florida. The full extent of Hurricane Ian is still unknown as the landfall is still in progress. FEMA has warned that the hurricane will be catastrophic.

When it hit Florida, windspeeds were around 155 mph, making it a Category 4 Hurricane.

It is also the fifth-strongest hurricane to ever hit the U.S. News reports coming in have seen meteorologists claim this to be one of the severest storms ever seen.

We were in the eye wall of Cat. 4 #Hurricane #Ian for over 5 hours and the back side was the worst.I haven't experienced anything close to this in over 30 years @weatherchannel

In any case, the game between the Buccaneers and the Chiefs will go ahead, whether in Tampa Bay or in Minnesota, giving Tom Brady and the Bucs the opportunity to get over the Week 3 defeat to the Packers.

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