NFL fans left clamoring Jets upon Mecole Hardman's signing - “Announce the Aaron Rodgers trade already” 

Mecole Hardman
Mecole Hardman's arrival in New York has fans excited for Aaron Rodgers

Two-time Super Bowl-winning wide receiver Mecole Hardman has signed a one-year deal with the New York Jets. Hardman was drafted by the Chiefs in 2019 and after spending four seasons with them, he is now off to New York, where could potentially team up with Aaron Rodgers.

While Hardman didn't sign a long deal, this one-year period with the Jets could enable him to further elevate his market value for the next offseason. He missed a lot of games last season due to injury, which is why not many teams aggressively went after him.

Here's how fans on social media reacted to Mecole Hardman's signing with the Jets:

@RapSheet Announce the rodgers trade already
@RapSheet Rodgers has tons of weapons now!
@RapSheet Rodgers gets another guy!As a former track star, Hardman has the ability to blow past defenders and make big plays downfield.He was trending toward a career year last season — scoring six touchdowns in eight games — before sustaining abdominal and pelvis injuries
@RapSheet Elijah Moore gonna get traded
@RapSheet Elijah Moore getting traded to Green Bay.. or at least Denzel Mims to the Packers
@RapSheet how much help does rodgers need
@RapSheet Rodgers now has: Garrett Wilson Elijah MooreAllen LazardMecole HardmanCorey Davis Breece Hall Good Lord.

While fans boast about Aaron Rodgers having a plethora of weapons to work with once he arrives in New York, some also believe that Elijah Moore could be on his way out.

Last season, Moore wanted to get traded but ended up staying, however, with the arrival of Hardman and Allen Lazard, he could end up leaving the franchise soon.

Mecole Hardman: The 'Jet sweep specialist" is now a Jet

Mecole Hardman and Patrick Mahomes: AFC Divisional Playoffs - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Mecole Hardman and Patrick Mahomes: AFC Divisional Playoffs - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs

Mecole Hardman was always at the center of trick plays generated by the Kansas City Chiefs. He was pretty good at jet sweeps, and will now be playing for the New York Jets.

His speed will add another dimension to the already loaded Jets offense, and along with Garrett Wilson, Allen Lazard, and Breece Hall, Hardman could help Rodgers become the MVP-caliber quarterback he was a season ago.

The Jets already had a stacked defense last season, and with all the additions that they have made this offseason, they are seriously a contender to win it all next season.

All eyes are now on the Green Bay Packers and the Jets front office as they work to strike a deal to land Aaron Rodgers in New York. While Rodgers didn't have a great surrounding cast last season, he will have no excuses for the Jets, as this might be one of the best teams that he has ever been on in his career.

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