"STFU, Florio" - NFL fans slam analyst for claiming Rams owners are ignoring Super Bowl win in St. Louis after paying $790m to cityย 

General view of Super Bowl XXXIV
General view of Super Bowl XXXIV
Adam Schultz

The Los Angeles Rams are the reigning Super Bowl champions. After defeating Joe Burrow and the Cincinati Bengals at SoFi Stadium, Matthew Stafford and Co. hoisted the Lombardi Trophy aloft.

The win marked the second time that the Rams had won the Super Bowl. However, it seems that owner Stan Kroenke and COO Kevin Demoff have forgotten about the Rams Super Bowl win back in 2000 as the then St. Louis Rams, according to Mike Florio.

Pro Football Talk's Florio called out the high-ranking pair for, apparently, forgetting about the team's win back in 2000.

It's next-level petty for Kroenke and Demoff to pretend that the Rams didn't win a Super Bowl in St. Louis. If St. Louis hadn't forced a $790M settlement for team and league shenanigans associated with the move, there definitely would be two Lombardis on that ring.

As expected, this caught the attention of LA fans on social media and they were quick to come forward with their thoughts. One fan pointed out that the team, in fact, did not forget about their first championship win and posted a sentence from the team's official website which read:

"From the Rams website.. 'There are two stars to pay homage to the franchise's two Super Bowl Championships'... STFU, Florio.."
From the Rams website.. "There are two stars to pay homage to the franchise's two Super Bowl Championships"STFU, Florio..โ€ฆ

One fan commented on the post by writing, "slow news day?"

A fan named Fresco asked Florio to read the design details before putting out misinformation.

@ProFootballTalk Can yโ€™all read the design details first before putting out misinformation

One user said that the two stars on the Super Bowl ring represent the two Super Bowls won.

@ProFootballTalk The two stars on the side represent that

A fan named Ian said that it was a sad take and also a wrong take from Florio.

@ProFootballTalk What a sad, sad take.Also, it's wrong. The ring *does* include homage to the first SB title we picked up.

One fan asked Florio to speak less.

One user called Florio a "dork" for his thoughts on the ring.

One fan commented and asked Florio to read the fine print.

One fan commented that Florio's take was next-level petty.

@ProFootballTalk Next-level petty that this is your hot take

Another fan replied and said that the LA side's website literally said that the two stars on the ring are for both Super Bowl titles.

@ProFootballTalk They literally said on their site that the two stars are for both rings

Rams favored to go back-to-back

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles v Cincinnati Bengals
Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles v Cincinnati Bengals

LA are once again among the favorites for the Super Bowl. With the NFC being considerably weaker this season than the AFC, the number of teams that could challenge Sean McVay's team are small.


Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers were weakened by the departure of Davante Adams. The Buccaneers will be without Rob Gronkowski and, for the first half of the season, Chris Godwin.


In their own division, the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers are perhaps LA's toughest challengers. So, if they can make it out of the division, then a deep playoff run is definitely on the cards.

Matthew Stafford has another preseason under his belt, he will no doubt be better in 2022. So, look out for McVay's team to be there when the whips are cracking in the new year.

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