"Teams are trying to copy that Burrow-Chase magic" - NFL Reddit has brilliant observation on Kyler Murray-Marquise Brown reunion

The Cardinals hope to capture lightning in a bottle with the Kyler Murray-Marquise Brown pairing.
The Cardinals hope to capture lightning in a bottle with the Kyler Murray-Marquise Brown pairing.

The newly formed pairing of Kyler Murray and Marquise Brown could be the Arizona Cardinals' attempt to capture the kind of 'lightning in a bottle' Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase just caught in their AFC Championship run this past season.

'Hollywood' Brown was acquired in a blockbuster draft-night deal that sent Arizona's first-round pick (used on Iowa center Tyler Linderbaum) to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for the star wide receiver and the 100th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. The deal had reportedly been in the works for a while, with Brown pushing for it at the end of the 2021 season.

Baltimore general manager Eric DeCosta made it clear it was not a decision he took lightly:

"...It's a complicated topic. It’s something I anguished over for a long time."

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It's not a perfect comparison, but the idea that the Cardinals were trying to give their franchise quarterback a receiver he has a rapport with strikes a resemblance to the Bengals' pitch-and-catch pairing.


Several Reddit users shared their thoughts on the move, likening the LSU pairing (Burrow-Chase) to the Oklahoma pairing (Murray-Brown) and wondering if Arizona were aiming for similar results from their new college teammate tandem.

One user came out and claimed it was a move that was made to generate some magic in the desert.

Another claimed to have seen the behind-the-scenes maneuvering take place in Norman for the OU spring game.

That Sooner chemistry from the mid-2010s has this NFL fan sold on the deal.

This fan sees the glass half empty for both sides.

Another fan is solely concerned about who Lamar Jackson will be throwing passes to in 2022.

Meanwhile, the name of recently-traded Christian Kirk was evoked in explaining the rationale behind the Cardinals giving up so much for Marquise Brown.

That said, there is a way this deal could turn out not to be considered an overpay.

However, a few users are already confused as to why it would be considered as such.

Time will tell if this was an overpay or if Marquise Brown is precisely what was needed for Murray to elevate Arizona to the next level. All we know thus far is that Murray is ecstatic about the idea of teaming up with his former star wideout from his days as a Sooner. He wrote on Twitter:

"Let’s run it back! Hollywood to the desert… Y’all welcome my boy!"

Marquise Brown could help Kyler Murray get paid

Murray has two seasons left before he is eligible for an extension, and Marquise Brown could be the final piece needed to provide him with a pass-catching arsenal capable of getting him paid in 2024.


Quarterback extensions are wild these days, as the pacts of Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers, and Pat Mahomes have shown the past few offseasons. Murray could be the next passer to hit paydirt. Let's see if 'Hollywood' will lend the helping hand(s) necessary.

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