"NFL rigged the Super Bowl" - Fans call foul play as Rams claim win over Bengals thanks to some questionable refereeing

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals

Super Bowl 56 is in the books as the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals for their second franchise championship. As with most NFL games these days, it didn't come without controversy and fans screaming that foul play was involved. In the case of Super Bowl 56, there is a real debate about questionable refereeing playing a role in the game.

Super Bowl 56 had one of the worst missed calls in some time

No, this is not from the real Adam Schefter, but this Twitter user made themselves clear over what they thought of the officiating:

The nfl rigged this Super Bowl. You gave the rams a whole new set of downs on the weakest holding call ever seen.

Fans on both sides are claiming foul play was involved and that the NFL is rigged. When it came to the Bengals, who ultimately lost, they had some calls go their way in controversial fashion. The key call led to a scoring play by Tee Higgins:

Tee Higgins definitely got away with one. Grabbed Ramsey's facemask.

Fans instantly stormed Twitter with their bold takes on this missed call that should have negated the touchdown. @livaniza called it a dirty play but mentioned that it was too fast for refs to catch:

@Philly_Fan_76 @AdamScheftah definitely dirty play, but too fast for refs to catch it

@DaDreamer23 wrote that it was the worst missed call of the game:

There was another instance in the game where the referees called for a defensive holding penalty on Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson late in the game, which gave the Rams a new set of downs. This is relating to Twitter user @AdamScheftah's initial tweet. Many fans were quick to call it "payback" and that it made up for the missed call on Tee Higgins:

@AdamScheftah Because they didn’t call it on the play before that or when Higgins throw Ramsey out the way. It all evened out
@AdamScheftah One of the worst 2 calls EVER, & both favored the @RamsNFL, both w/Superbowl implications. The holding on 55 tonight & the famous NO CALL v @Saints that sent LA to the Superbowl. UTTER BULLSHIT. @nflcommish @NFLOfficiating ...... HOW????????
@AdamScheftah Horrible defensive holding call on Bengals 55. Best, clean defensive play that could be made. Hate when the referees give the game away. Yeah maybe they missed the face mask offensive call but to make a bad def holding call is inexcusable
@AdamScheftah Payback for the missed face mask call. #RamsHouse

@AuthorMaze laid down some facts for fans and claimed the holding call was legitimate and that there was a reason most of the other similar calls weren't flagged:

@AdamScheftah The holding was called, because it prevented him from catching the ball. It was clear day. The previous holds, they pull on their shirts but let go before the player attempts to catch. This was clearly interfering with the player catching the ball; never let go.

Regardless of the touchdown that the Bengals got from the missed penalty, they still lost the Super Bowl and the referees called it right down the middle at the end of the game when it really counted. Bengals cornerback Eli Apple had a very costly DPI penalty in the endzone that later led to the game-winning score.

@RosvoglouReport Announcers were talking about how the refs were letting them play but as soon as the rams need a TD to win they start throwing them every play. That isn’t a coincidence

At one point, the announcers stated the referees were not calling some of the more minute penalties and were "letting them play through it." All penalties come at the judgment of the referees and not every single penalty is going to be called, depending on the referee. Bengals head coach Zac Taylor even stated after the game that "it was a really well-officiated game." After all, it's just part of the game, and the Rams won the Super Bowl regardless of the blown call.

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