NFL Training Camp 2021: Lamar Jackson out of Ravens training camp with COVID-related issue, NFL still investigating

Dallas Cowboys v Baltimore Ravens
Dallas Cowboys v Baltimore Ravens
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The Baltimore Ravens will open training camp without star quarterback Lamar Jackson. Adam Schefter reported that Jackson was held out of training camp due to COVID-19 related issues.

The Ravens are scheduled to be in training camp until August 16. Lamar Jackson will have to remain away from training camp until he's cleared. The NFL is still gathering information on the exact reason for Jackson's absence.

The former unanimous MVP missed one game last season after testing positive for COVID-19. This summer, Lamar Jackson was asked about whether he would receive the vaccination. Jackson declined to answer the question.

Could Lamar Jackson's issue lead to cascading COVID-19 problems at training camps?

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson
Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson has steered clear of all vaccination talk this offseason. From the looks of it, the Ravens QB isn't vaccinated because he had to receive a COVID test. The recent test looks to be the cause of him being held out of training camp.

It's unclear how long Jackson will be out. The Ravens will go through extensive COVID protocols, and Lamar will be sidelined until he tests negative. The QB's situation brings one question to mind: How does this impact the other NFL players against the vaccination?

Jackson is one of the biggest names in the NFL today. Although Lamar hasn't gone to the lengths of bashing the NFL's new policy, he still hasn't been vaccinated. His situation doesn't look tenable for the players who've been refusing to get vaccinated.

With training camps already underway and one player already missing time because of COVID, the NFL could enforce more protocols for unvaccinated players.

Could Lamar Jackson miss the Ravens' entire training camp?

Unfortunately, Lamar Jackson will have to go through this whole ordeal until he tests negative. Given how all the information regarding his situation hasn't been revealed, it's hard to say if Lamar will miss training camp in its entirety.

Chances are he'll return by next week at the latest. John Harbaugh will ensure that his team follows all the proper steps to get their franchise quarterback on the practice field.

This situation will, however, come to the attention of the unvaccinated players in the NFL. According to the NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, 85% of NFL players have been inoculated with at least one shot of the vaccine. A total of 14 clubs have more than 90% of their players vaccinated.

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