Oldest active NFL players at each position

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady
Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady

The NFL is a young-player league. The physicality of the game demands young and fresh bodies. Week after week, the tackles, hits, pushes, and everything else are not friendly to the body's health.

The average age in the NFL is 26 years. Youngest among the four major leagues (NBA: 26.2 years, NHL: 27.3 years, MLB: 28.2 years). On average, the NFL's career is also not very lengthy, with players retiring after 3.3 years in the league (NBA: 5 years, NHL: 5.5 years, MLB: 2.7 years).

But these numbers do not mean that older players cannot play in the NFL. Quite the opposite, as the eldest quarterback and oldest NFL player proves week-in and week-out.

I firmly believe Tom Brady wants to surpass George Blanda as the oldest player (48) to play an #NFL game before retiringOf all the records, that one is virtually unbreakable. TB is only one who has a shot*Blanda ended as a kicker. Brady might end it coming off a Super Bowl

Oldest active NFL players at each position

QB – Tom Brady, 44 years, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, rookie season: 2000

RB – Taiwan Jones, 33 years, Buffalo Bills, rookie season: 2011

WR – Matthew Slater, 36 years, New England Patriots, rookie season: 2008

TE – Marcedes Lewis, 37 years, Green Bay Packers, rookie season: 2006

OL – Andrew Whitworth, 40 years, Los Angeles Rams, rookie season: 2006

DL – Steve McLendon, 35 years, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, rookie season: 2010

LB – Demario Davis, 32 years, New Orleans Saints, rookie season: 2012

CB – Josh Norman, 34 years, San Francisco 49ers, rookie season: 2012

S – Jason and Devin McCourty, 34 years, Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots, respectively, rookie season: 2009 and 2010, respectively

K – Robbie Gould, 39 years, San Francisco 49ers, rookie season: 2005

P – Andy Lee, 39 years, Arizona Cardinals, rookie season: 2004.


The list considers the age the player will have at the end of 2021.

The list only depicts players that are currently on an NFL team. For example, at WR, considering only his age of 38 years, Larry Fitzgerald should be in Slater's place. But the future Hall of Fame receiver has not signed with any NFL teams since leaving the Arizona Cardinals this offseason.

The list also uses the date of birth to elect the oldest. Again, in the WR position, both Slater and Houston Texans' Danny Amendola are 36 years old. But Slater was born in September while Amendola was born in November.

The only tie, the McCourty's twin, happened because they were born on the same day.


Like Tom Brady, Andrew Whitworth is one of a kind. Playing in a very physical and vital position, LT, the OL is still one of the best in the position.

@BleacherReport @NFL @NFLFilms Right before that was The 2 Oldest players in the NFL with Whitworth

It is also worth noting that both LB and RB are among the youngest players. In the NFL, no other position is so prone to tackles and injuries. Also, in both positions, the players need to be explosive and agile.

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