“That’s why the dude’s the f**** GOAT” - Pat McAfee lauds Tom Brady for working out while on vacation

TB12 and Rob Gronkowski after Super Bowl LV
TB12 and Rob Gronkowski after Super Bowl LV

Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. This undisputable fact should no longer be questioned. Even at 44 years old, the seven-time Super Bowl champion and holder of nearly every quarterback record refuses to take a day off.

This week, photos of the quarterback emerged which showed him working out on his yacht and looking in incredible shape. Perhaps better than he did 22 years ago when he was originally drafted by the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady is clearly prepping for his NFL season while on vacation in Italy -- hitting workouts on a yacht with no shirt on.…

One man who was effusive in his praise was popular NFL analyst and WWE talent Pat McAfee. The former Indianapolis Colts punter had this reaction to the pictures of Brady currently doing the rounds on social media:

"When you see Tom Brady leaping off the top of his yacht... you see him living his life with his son and swimming and boxing with Jack and having the time of his life, it's hard not to remember that guy eats avocado ice cream, that guy drinks however many gallons of water a day, that guy's working on playability at all times."

McAfee continued:

"He has committed his entire life to being an NFL quarterback and even when you're on a yacht in Italy, the game don't sleep. The game don't wait, AJ, and that's why the dude's the f***^^^ goat to at our sport."

What is Tom Brady doing to keep himself in prime condition at 44 years-old?

As Brady edges towards 45, the fact that he is still able to perform at such a high level is almost superhuman. Unsurprisingly, he is currently the oldest active player in the NFL. He is a whole five years older than his nearest challenger, Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Jason Peters. He is also six years older than Aaron Rodgers, the league's second oldest quarterback.

But other than his intense workout schedule, what else is he doing to ensure such longevity? He has a long-standing relationship with personal trainer and body coach Alex Guerrero. Guerrero stated that Brady is very particular about what he puts on his plate and consumes a mostly plant-based diet.

I went on the Tom Brady diet and workout plan for a week

The legendary quarterback is also a big fan of yoga, and was once caught on the sidelines during a game practicing some yoga poses.


The former patriot has previously provided his own thoughts on the matter. He believes that his strict diet, love of yoga and his focus on muscle pliability are the secrets behind his longevity. Oh, and his ability to play football better than anyone else probably helped a bit.

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