Pat McAfee's net worth: Former NFL punter signs massive four-year deal with FanDuel

Indianapolis Colts v New York Jets
Indianapolis Colts v New York Jets
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Pat McAfee has launched a successful media career following a Pro Bowl NFL career as a punter with the Indianapolis Colts. He retired from the NFL in 2016 and has been a very busy man ever since.

McAfee's main media presence is via his own daily radio show, The Pat McAfee Show. The former punter has a major following and has launched a media empire at the age of 34. Recent news shows he is also going to be a very rich man early in his media career.

BREAKING: @PatMcAfeeShow has agreed to a MASSIVE four-year exclusive extension with FanDuel.The deal is for roughly $30 million annually, or $120 million in total, per @ShamsCharania.The business that Pat & the boys have built is incredible.

McAfee just signed a deal worth $30 million annually to have FanDuel as an exclusive sports betting partner on the show. That is quarterback money for a former punter who seems to enjoy the work he does on a daily basis.

The booming net worth of Pat McAfee

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts

We now know McAfee will land an additional $30 million annually in addition to whatever else he was making in general from his show. He is also a WWE and ESPN announcer.

The former punter earned over $15 million during his NFL career with the Colts, which represents a lifetime of wealth already. He is now earning double his total NFL pay on an annual basis just from FanDuel. Of course, taxes and staff pay must be taken into consideration. But his net worth has jumped up from likely several million to tens of millions of dollars.

It’s a roughly $30 million per year deal, industry sources say. 💰…

McAfee has been known to use his wealth to give back to those in need via the Pat McAfee Foundation. This charity gives money to children of military personnel. McAfee frequently gives back to a variety of causes, and that should only become more notable with this influx of cash.

FanDuel pumping this type of money into the show illustrates the growing presence of sports betting in the United States. Before it was legal in more states than just Nevada, a company like FanDuel may not have spent this type of money. But sports betting is growing and even the NFL is embracing the idea. It makes sense given the available money via sponsorships and partnerships.

Thirty million dollars per year is still a mind-blowing figure and may show just how aggressive sports betting companies are to break into the mainstream. And it makes sense, given McAfee's reach. He can share FanDuel promos on a daily basis, and the company is expecting its return on investment to be major.

McAfee went from an NFL punter to a media star earning well over $30 million per year by the age of 34. This may only be the beginning for him given this is the first deal like this he has ever received.

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