Chiefs vs. Chargers: Did NFL refs miss obvious DPI call on Patrick Mahomes' Hail Mary attempt?

Referees missed a blatant pass interference call on the last play of the game
Referees missed a blatant pass interference call on the last play of the game
Adam Schultz

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs have had a couple of rough weeks, losing to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2 before getting beaten by division rival the LA Chargers last Sunday.

Mahomes did have a chance to win the game against the Chargers in the final seconds. Mahomes dialed up the launch code and threw a 50-yard Hail Mary pass into the endzone to snatch a win from the jaws of defeat.

Unfortunately for Mahomes and the Chiefs, his pass hit receiver Tyreek Hill's hand and dropped incomplete.

Social media was buzzing after the game and plenty of Chiefs fans took to their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to vent their frustration over a missed call from the referees.

Did the referees miss a pass interference call on Mahomes' pass?

Several replays showed that during the play, a Chargers defensive player made clear contact with Tyreek Hill before the pass from Mahomes made its way to him. It should have been called pass interference and thus, the Chiefs should have had the ball at the one-yard line and gotten one play to get the game-winning touchdown.

Terry McAulay, a former NFL referee, took to his Twitter account to have his say about the surprising decision not to call pass interference on the Chargers defender, writing, “There is no scenario where this is not a foul for defensive pass interference.”

There is no scenario where this is not a foul for defensive pass interference.…
Chargers get a pass interference call THE FIX IS IN!! Disgusting penalty Chiefs were absolutely robbed I’m seething #LACvsKC
There was a huge pass interference call on 4th down that extended the @chargers drive against the @Chiefs… and @NFLonCBS never showed a replay. We got a relay of the missed XP but never the PI. The stadium showed it but not the broadcast. Inexcusable. @thepressboxpod

For a former NFL referee to state a call was missed, then it must be obvious. Fans understand that referees will miss some calls during a game, but with all the camera angles available, something must be done to prevent this from happening in the future.

Pass interference was an adventure in several Week 3 games, but not calling anything here on the final Hail Mary of the Chiefs/Chargers game might’ve been the most egregious

Led by quarterback Justin Herbert, the Chargers were coming off a close loss last week to the Dallas Cowboys. Against the Chiefs, Herbert threw for 281 yards with just 12 incompletions and four touchdowns in a critical divisional match, albeit with a clear missed call.

It is something that has to be looked at as it could cost a team a playoff spot or, even worse, a playoff win. As we have seen in recent seasons, missed calls have indeed been the reason for losses in the regular season as well as the playoffs.

With all the cameras and officials at games and casting their eyes over every play, it makes it that much harder to understand when blatant calls get missed.

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Edited by LeRon Haire
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