Why Patrick Mahomes is the worst QB in the NFL right now as per Dan Orlovsky 

Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens

Patrick Mahomes is going through perhaps the toughest part of his NFL career. Usually one for throwing several touchdowns and a ridiculous amount of passing yards, Mahomes led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers.

This year, however, Mahomes has seen his colors lowered dramatically. To put it into perspective, since entering the league as a starter in 2018, Mahomes has never lost more than four games in the regular season in a year.

Patrick Mahomes is an interception machine

Already in 2021, Mahomes has lost four of the eight games played. Normally so careful with the ball, Mahomes' highest interception total was 12 in 16 games in 2018. Through eight games this year, Mahomes has already thrown 10 interceptions. Since Week 1, where he didn't throw an interception, Mahomes has thrown at least one interception in every game.

Mahomes "mechanically" poor

The drop in performance and gameplay has been noticeable. Normally assured with the ball and taking care of it, Mahomes seems to be trying to do too much to overcome his defense's struggles. This has led to poor throws and forced the ball into places where it shouldn't have been put.

Dan Orlovsky of ESPN has stated that "mechanically" Mahomes is one of the worst quarterbacks in the league right now. The former NFL MVP has had poor footwork and when throwing the ball, he takes unnecessary risks with it, something that Orlovsky, a former NFL quarterback, has noticed.

Patrick Mahomes is unquestionably the most talented QB I’ve ever seen Mechanically-in the pocket-there’s BIGTIME ISSUES1/3

Used to studying film as a pro quarterback, Orlovsky has done the same with Mahomes. As he notes in the video above, sometimes when Mahomes throws, he does it off his back foot, which is mechanically "not good."

Orlovsky adds that while Mahomes was not in the best position when throwing the football, it got the desired result with a completion to receiver Tyreek Hill.

Mahomes has been a globetrotter for the Chiefs and the NFL and has been doing this for the last few years. Since it always worked out, no one really mentioned it. But now when he is turning the ball over and the Chiefs are struggling to score, it really sticks out.

We all know Mahomes is not the worst quarterback in the league, but he does have some small issues that can be corrected.

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