Patrick Mahomes’ former teammate gets candid on rejecting Jets’ approach after Aaron Rodgers’ injury: “The offensive line doesn't look great”

Henne has revealed he rejected the Jets
Henne has revealed he rejected the Jets' advances.

When Aaron Rodgers went down just four snaps into his New York Jets career in Week 1, it was panic stations. The organization tried to get Chad Henne, the two-time Super Bowl winner from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Henne retired at the end of last year and was the experienced veteran the Jets needed. Additionally, given his age, Henne would have known it was short-term, as Aaron Rodgers would return next season.

It seemed like a win-win, but things didn't work out that way, and now Henne has revealed his reasons for turning down the Jets' advances.

Chad Henne reveals why he turned down the Jets' offer

With Aaron Rodgers down for the year, the Jets were hurrying to fix their quarterback situation with Henne.

But speaking on The Herd, Henne revealed why he rejected the Jets' advances then.

"I know Robert Saleh," Henne said, "obviously Nathaniel Hackett, most of the coaching staff was with me in Jacksonville. So, the biggest thing is that Zach Wilson has not been a part of that system… You see Aaron Rodgers go down, the offensive line doesn't look great. I'll be away from my family, there's just a lot of factors, and I knew I didn't train like I normally do to get ready for the season.
"So, I would take a couple of weeks get my arm at least ready and then I'd probably be throwing in there…So you know, it would have been a tough situation. I just didn't feel it was right for me at the time.”

Will we see Aaron Rodgers play this season?

Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Jets
Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Jets

Given the state of the Jets this season, as they sit at 4-8, it seems highly unlikely that we will see Rodgers on the field this season. In truth, it would still be unlikely even if the Jets were in the playoff hunt.

Despite his recovery from an Achilles injury going ridiculously well, there is no rush to get him back. Rodgers gets rushed back, and he suffers another injury.


With Rodgers looking committed for next season, the Jets have to take their licks this season. They hope he makes it through preseason and more than four snaps into Week 1.

Right now, there's nothing to gain from Rodgers returning to the field. And unfortunately for Jets fans, that means more Zach Wilson for the rest of the season.

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