Patrick Mahomes reveals conversation with Tom Brady after Chiefs’ gutting AFC Championship loss to Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
NFL QBs Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are set to face off against each other for the sixth time ever when the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers go head-to-head on Sunday Night Football in Week 4 of the 2022 NFL season. Brady currently leads the series 3-2, including during his time with the New England Patriots.

Mahomes recently sat down with Maria Taylor of the NFL on NBC for an interview ahead of the prime-time clash in Week 4. The two discussed many topics, but one of the main points of the conversation was Mahomes' relationship with Brady.

Taylor asked Mahomes about some of the best advice he's received from Brady over the years. Mahomes pointed out that one of the conversations that stuck out the most to him occurred following the AFC Championship Game of the 2018 NFL season when Brady and the Patriots defeated Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Here's what Mahomes had to say about that particular interaction:

"After the AFC Championship game when we lost to him, I remember, obviously I'm upset, sad, and I'm sitting in the locker room forever. I start to walk out and he's there waiting. He could be celebrating, he's going to the Super Bowl and everything like that. All he said to me, and it wasn't a big thing, he said, 'Hey, just keep doing it how you're doing it. You're doing it the right way.'"

Mahomes continued:

"As a young quarterback, you just go out there and play and try to have fun and just do whatever you can to put your team in the best position to win. But when the GOAT's saying that, when he says, 'You're doing it the right way,' it kind of shows you that you are doing it the right way. So that was big for me."


Patrick Mahomes paid his respects to Tom Brady by calling him the GOAT, while expressing how much that simple advice meant to him as a young player at the time.

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are set for round 6 in NFL Week 4

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady have faced off against each other five times so far during their careers. Their first matchup was during the 2018 regular season, when Brady's New England Patriots defeated Mahomes' Kansas City Chiefs. They had a rematch in the AFC Championship game that season, where the Patriots were victorious once again.

Mahomes received his third opportunity to defeat Brady the following regular season and finally came away with his first victory. He followed that up with a second consecutive victory during the 2020 NFL season. They met for a fifth time later that season for Super Bowl LV with a head-to-head record tied at 2-2.


Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came away with a victory in the Super Bowl, earning Brady his seventh ring and denying Mahomes his second.

Patrick Mahomes will get his first opportunity to avenge that loss and try to even the head-to-head record once again when the two teams face off in Week 6 of the 2022 NFL season.

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