NFL Rumors: Patriots offense looks 'distressingly bad' under Matt Patricia, more trouble for Bill Belichick  

New England Patriots Training Camp
New England Patriots Training Camp

The New England Patriots have had a troublesome preseason with their offense struggling without a designated offensive coordinator. They haven't replaced Josh McDaniels, who left to become the Las Vegas Raiders' head coach.

"I'm not big on titles," Belichick said in March after deciding not to name an offensive or defensive coordinator. "We have jobs to do. We'll do the job." Reports are now emerging from the Patriots training camp stating that the offense has been "distressingly bad."

All aspects of the offense are seemingly struggling. Run plays are not being set up, too many blitzes are coming through, and designed plays are breaking down. But perhaps the offensive line is the biggest concern for sophomore quarterback Mac Jones. He faced an absurd amount of "no-chance" plays, where the o-line allowed big holes for the opposing defense to get through.

Speaking to reporters after practice, Jones said:

"It is a little frustrating at times. But our offensive line, the actual players and coaches, are trying the best they can. We have good offensive lineman. Good players up front. A lot of it is just figuring out the scheme and making sure there are no free guys."

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The Patriots announced that Jones and the rest of the starters wouldn't be participating in the team's opening preseason game against the New York Giants on Thursday evening.

Patriots' Bill Belichick not worried about struggling offense during training camp

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins

Head coach Bill Belichick is well aware of the team's struggling offense. He isn't pressing the panic button just yet. He met with reporters before Tuesday's practice and said:

"There’s good things and bad things on every play. I get that you [fans and media, alike] are more results-oriented, but there are many ways to evaluate the success of a play … I’m not going to get into a play-by-play evaluation. That’s not really what camp is for.”

As the Patriots prepare for their first preseason game against the Giants, the head coach will look for better performances from his players.

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