Randy Moss was 'nervous' vs Giants at Super Bowl 42 despite Tom Brady-led Patriots' epic 16-0 streak

Randy Moss, Tom Brady and Eli Manning get candid about Super Bowl
Randy Moss gets candid about Tom Brady's Super Bowl loss to Eli Manning

When Eli Manning’s New York Giants won Super Bowl 42 in 2008, not only did they win the most-coveted Lombardi trophy, but they also triumphed over a well-oiled machine in the shape of New England Patriots.

Consider this for a moment. A fearless 18-0 Patriots side led by NFL G.O.A.T Tom Brady arguably in his prime with his lethal offensive weapon Randy Moss under head coach Bill Belichick looked all but set in their quest for a perfect season. On the other side of the field, the 10-6 Giants weren't the most daunting opposition statistically but turned into a giant killer on the grandest stage of all, scripting one of greatest underdog victories ever.

Cut to 2023, nearly 16 years since the epic showdown, Moss remembers the game like it was yesterday. During the latest episode of 'Cold As Balls' with Kevin Hart, the former All-Pro wide receiver details nervy emotions going through his head before the Patriots vs Giants game. The undefeated tag didn't hold much importance before the game.

"All the way up to that point to every game that we played, I was very confident that we were going to go out there and do what we were supposed to do. But going into the last game against the Giants. I was nervous," explained Moss.

Randy Moss recalls agony after Patriots falter 14-17 to Giants in Super Bowl 42

Eli Manning had taken a handful of nasty hits en route throwing a floating 13-yard pass to Plaxio Burress, who ran through Patriots cornerback Ellis Hobbs to make it 17-14 for the Giants with barely 21 seconds remaining on the clock.

So ultimately, it all came down to the Patriots’ final drive. Just moments after being piledriven into the turf by 280-pound rookie defensive lineman Jay Alford, Tom Brady went for the jugular. His target? Randy Moss.

On third-and-20 with Moss in sight, Brady released the ball that traveled around 80 yards in the air and landed right on target. Randy Moss ran at full speed into double coverage but failed to get hold of the ball, thanks to Giants cornerback Corey Webster.

"I thought we put up a good fight. I really did. And if there's any memory that I have from that game, I remember walking off the field and something was on my head and I peeled it off and it was the confetti. And I told myself if this what it feels like to be on the losing side, do I want to feel what it feels like to be on the winning side...," said Moss.

The night wasn't meant for perfection, after all. That monster throw from Brady couldn't materialize; the Patriots' perfect 19-0 season record dream was all but over and a historic New England offense that averaged 37 points per game during the regular season only managed to put up 14 points that day.

The Giants looked for something more than perfection. They came to win and they did. It was a perfect result for Eli, who completed 19 of 34 passes for 255 yards and two touchdowns on a chilly night in Arizona.

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