Sauce Gardner addresses comparisons to Jets legend Darrelle Revis

Sauce Gardner addresses comparisons to Jets legend Darrelle Revis
Sauce Gardner addresses comparisons to Jets legend Darrelle Revis

Sauce Gardner and Darrelle Revis have both served as the team's top cornerbacks in different eras. However, that's where the comparisons end—at least, that is what Gardner appeared to indicate in a Twitter/X highlight on the "Green Light with Chris Long" podcast.

Here's what he said in the post made on June 9:

“First of all, we have two totally different body types, so I don’t know if y’all can compare us that way… But it’s like, it’s Revis we’re talking about. The amount of special things he’s done, it’s crazy. I’m only going on Year 3 in the league so it’s totally different. I have to become the best Sauce Gardner I can be.”

The former New York Jets cornerback earned the nickname of "Revis Island," during his peak. The star earned that name because he could be left alone with anyone in a 1-on-1 situation and have a likely chance to lock down the receiver.

Revis played from 2007-2017, per Pro Football Reference. From 2007-2012 and again from 2015-2016, the cornerback served as one of the selling points of the roster. He also served as one of the biggest stars in the AFC East outside of the New England Patriots.

Could Sauce Gardner conceivably join the ranks of Darelle Revis and co?

Sauce Gardner at 2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games
Sauce Gardner at 2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games

While Gardner appeared to place himself in a lower tier than Revis this early in his career, one may argue that the cornerback could be on a similar trajectory. However, with the bar sky-high, it could take many more years of consistent play.

That said, a hard look at the numbers does prove that Gardner is currently on a similar career arc as the celebrated cornerback of yore.

Revis set the bar high in his first two years and thus far, Gardner has met it. According to Pro Football Focus, the cornerback earned a 73.3 PFF grade in 2007, his rookie season. Then, in 2008, he jumped to a 90.3 PFF grade. In other words, he went from solid to great in two seasons with a massive uptrend.

Aaron Rodgers' top cornerback, however, started his career in a better place. PFF assigned the cornerback an 87.9 score. Then, in 2023, he earned an 88.6 score. In other words, he started great and got even better the following year.

Revis didn't fall below 75.1 until he played with the Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Jets 2015, eight years into his career. For Gardner to match Revis, he will need to duplicate the same production with most years landing above an 86 PFF score. Even just one year with a 70 PFF score may disqualify him from the comparison.

As such, while Gardner remains on a quality arc, the cornerback's odds of dominating at Revis' level might be unlikely, considering the near-perfection Revis put on for close to a decade. That said, the cornerback sounds hungry, so reasonable minds are free to back him until the likely stumble occurs.

If any of the above quotes are used, credit "Green Light with Chris Long" and H/T Sportskeeda.

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