Stephen A. Smith has a highly controversial take on the top 5 NFL QBs of all-time

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is no stranger to controversial takes, and with his latest one, he may have just outdone himself.

Fresh off the NFL Conference Championships that saw Joe Burrow and Matthew Stafford lead their teams to the Super Bowl and with Tom Brady's impending retirement, the ESPN personality put forth his top five quarterbacks of all-time on ESPN's First Take.

The list comprises Tom Brady at number one, followed by Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers at number five. Smith, somehow, put Mahomes at number four all-time and gave his reasoning for doing so.

“At number 4 give it to me, Patrick Mahomes," he said. "I understand that he is a superstar talent, Michael Irvin. Here’s the thing, four trips to the AFC Championship game, all on your home turf, only two times did you get to the Super Bowl, instead of the four with home court advantage.
With reports of Tom Brady's retirement circulating, @stephenasmith reveals his list of the Top 5 NFL QB's of All Time 📝
"Ok, you got blown out in last year’s Super Bowl, you lose yesterday, you still only got one, and we have seen some vulnerability, even though you got Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. We know he’s a superstar, but I’m talking about, obviously, I can’t put him at number one because of the struggles he’s had,” he finished.

What is odd is that the comments about Mahomes would justify him not being in the top five quarterbacks of all-time as Smith points out the 26-year-old's obvious struggles.

Fans rip into Stephen A. Smith for his all-time quarterback list

5th Annual NFL Honors - Show Enter caption
5th Annual NFL Honors - Show Enter caption

As expected, the list has caught the attention of many NFL fans, and some have torn him apart for selecting Mahomes ahead of Hall of Famers like John Elway, Terry Bradshaw, Brett Favre and Cowboys legend Troy Aikman.

One fan made a point that Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw deserves to be on the list ahead of Mahomes.

@FirstTake @stephenasmith just throwing this out there, Terry Bradshaw, 4× Super Bowl champion, 2× Super Bowl MVP, NFL Most Valuable Player (1978), First-team All-Pro (1978), 2× NFL passing touchdowns leader, oh yeah did I mention he's the only QB to win every Super Bowl he played in

Another Twitter user posted his own list of greatest quarterbacks of all-time and, like Smith, had Brady as number one, but Mahomes did not make the top 50 on that specific list.

@FirstTake @stephenasmith ANY list of Top QBs of All-Time that doesn’t include Johnny Unitas and Otto Graham in the Top 5 is just…..incorrect!

Another fan suggested that Mahomes has no right to be in the conversation at this time and the former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, who won three Super Bowls, should be.

@FirstTake @stephenasmith I'd drop Mahomes for Aikman. And think long and hard about swapping Rodgers for Elway, although it's closer.Mahomes has no business being in this conversation yet.

The ESPN personality's list was always going to create controversy and discussion, and it certainly has with Mahomes the subject of much of the pushback. His talent is undeniable, but to put him ahead of players who have won multiple Super Bowls is just odd. While Mahomes has the capability, he is not yet deserving of a top five spot yet, according to fans.

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