"STAY OFF THE WEEEEEEED!" - Stephen A. Smith has hilarious reaction to Tyreek Hill saying Tua Tagovailova more accurate than Patrick Mahomes 

Stephen A. Smith and Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill.
Stephen A. Smith and Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill.
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Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill caused a stir online after claiming that quarterback Tua Tagovailova is more accurate than his former Kansas City Chiefs teammate, Patrick Mahomes.

During an episode of his podcast, "It Needed To Be Said," Hill claimed:

"Obviously, like I'm gonna go with 15 [Mahomes] as the strongest arm but as far as accuracy-wise, I'm going with Tua all day."
Tyreek Hill on his podcast “It Needed to be Said” mentioned he believes Tua is more accurate than Mahomes.🤣 #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom

Stephen A. Smith goes off on Tyreek Hill after comments about Mahomes and Tua's accuracy

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith was astonished by Tyreek Hill's claims. On Monday's episode of First Take, Smith pointed out that Hill and Tua haven't even played a game together yet:

"Let me get this straight. Tua Tagovailova. Y'all just joined. Y'all ain't even in preseason yet, so which means the only thing you've done was catch passes from him [while ] running routes in spring practice, at the very least. I mean that's all! That's all you got to go on."
Stephen A Smith discussing the Tyreek Hill "It Needed To Be Said" podcast on NFL First Take this morning."You gonna try to tell me a dude that you've never even played a preseason game with is more accurate than Patrick Mahomes?" "Stay off the weeeeed."#Chiefs(🎥: First Take)

The analyst then listed Mahomes and Hill's achievements together during their time with the Chiefs and paid homage to the Kansas City quarterback:

"And that, you are trying to tell me, is comparable to the numbers you put up with Patrick Mahomes, going to four straight AFC Championship Games, going to back-to-back Super Bowls, winning a Super Bowl championship, recognizing the fact that Patrick Mahomes is the baddest brother on the planet right now as a quarterback, okay."

Smith continued his rant and used one of his most iconic lines:

"You gonna try to tell me a dude that you never even played a preseason game with is more accurate than Patrick Mahomes? If you are really, really serious about that, I'm sorry, I'm gonna say this on national television. STAY OFF THE WEEEEEEED!"

The analyst clarified that he's not implying that Hill smokes marijuana. He simply wanted to express how outrageous the claim is.

Smith concluded his rant by saying Hill shouldn't compare what he achieved on the field with Mahomes to what he's able to do with Tua in practice:

"You have no reason, whatsoever, to sit up there and say something as nonsensical, as ignorant, and as ill-informed as that. I don't give a damn that you've been in the NFL all these years. You know good and damn well, you can't judge a dude by running routes in practice, okay. And what he does there, compared to what you did on a football field for not one, not two, not three, four years."

Tyreek Hill's comments certainly sparked outrage, with some even suggesting that it was intended to be a shot at Patrick Mahomes.

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